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The progressive editorial cartoon about how religion starts.

end rant

Stoned Again

Just another shot across the bow of religion, that absurd invention which separates humankind from real civilization.


Several legal rats recently jumped Trump's ship and suddenly, SUDDENLY, House Republicans have found their perfect traitor, I mean, Speaker, no doubt at the irate, ketchup-spurting behest of Whiny McBankruptcypants.

Bill Barr shat all over the Constitution for the benefit of his former employer. No doubt this new guy has dispensed with plain old water and will be carrying all the ethics-warping fertilizer he can for the Biggest Loser ever.


The Simpsons had a great gag this past Sunday, a sequence of sketchy and questionable edifices which occupied the land on which the Simpson home was eventually built. In chronological order:

An outhouse.
A speakeasy.
The spot where six witches were burnt at the stake in the 1940s.
The home of a suicide cult.
Reagan campaign headquarters.


A Spider's Tale: for the past two weeks I noticed foot-traffic for this site was trending up in a very satisfying way... until I looked at the logs and saw much of it was coming out of Singapore.


With a little help from my host's IT guys we determined it was just a new  and undisciplined web spider going berserk among all the servers so they closed off the IP, at which point my dreams of cartoon glory returned to their default state. Sigh.

Still, love having you guys along for the ride.

And this is cartoon Three of Five. See you tomorrow.


end rant

Lefty News for October 25th, 2023

The new Speaker of the House pretends to believe the Earth was created 6000 years ago. NEXT!

This is your new Fascist Party at work.

The Republican plan to steal the Presidency, and you can read it here.

Mark Meadows is flipping like Simone Biles.

President Joe Biden rides herd on Israel. Go, Joe!

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

the infinite cat project

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Classic Raging Crappola
religion comic
Also how religion works.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

a purely imaginary tale
A man once found a strange stone and he imagined it had magical powers.
He invented stories of it's powers, and many people believed him.
The people gave him many gold coins, so tha more people could hear the stories
but he took the gold and bought influence, and now women cannot get abortions.
Then end.

The progressive editorial cartoon about how religion starts.

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