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The progressive editorial cartoon about Jim Jordan.

end rant

Stinker of the House

Considering former Republican Speakers of the House, like convicted child molester Dennis Hastert, maybe Jim Jordan's problem is that he didn't cover up ENOUGH sexual misconduct as a wrestling coach to earn his party's support.


The GOP just tried hard but failed to install, as Speaker of the House, a man who tried to overthrow the government in 2021. A man who would have been second in line to the Presidency.

The 200 Republicans who voted for Jordan are literally the enemy of American Democracy.


The 22 Republicans who did not vote for Jim Jordan this morning deserve modest respect as they're now going to have to endure all manner of threats and abuse from their own party.

They'd have earned a LOT of respect if they'd voted country over party and chose Jeffries but we'll take what we can get.


end rant

Lefty News for October 18th, 2023

Jim Jordan runs head-on into a brick wall for the second time.

Polls suggest that RFK, Jr. may be blocking any path to victory for Mango Mussolini.

Trump, moron that he is, defied gag-order by doxxing New York's Attorney's General home address.

Study finds that states that restrict abortion have higher infant mortality rates, especially aming Black women.

President Joe Biden pledges aid for Israel, $100 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza.

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GOP elephant holding skunk: Okay, so we MAY have nominated a rabid, incontinent, treasonous skunk as Speaker of the House… but I see no good reason why the Democrats couldn't vote for it

The progressive editorial cartoon about Jim Jordan.

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