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The progressive editorial cartoon about the PACT Act.

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Fist Bump

About the time I finished drawing this comic the Senate began debate on the PACT Act, again, and there is little doubt it will pass this time. Unless those GOP muthfukkahs are crazier'n I thought.

I hope that mean-spirited shit-fit by Senate Republicans, which is requiring a re-vote, is NEVER forgotten by the voters.

One more thing... if this country had universal health care we wouldn't need VA hospitals and verterans wouldn't have to beg for the help they need.

Tech note: Today's 'toon is B&W because I was racing to make (ahem) deadline.


Trump: "Nobody knows who did 9-11, and it definitely wasn't these swell Saudi guys throwing wads of golf money at me."


I've always despised golf, for a variety of reasons, but the injection of Saudi blood-money into this massive waste of natural resources, for the benefit of the affluent, only reinforces my disgust.


Here's an idea for the lottery, to make it more equitable:

Draw numbers normally until the pot hits $50 million. Then draw five sets of numbers, splitting the pot five ways. The lottery organizers know automatically how many tickets won and will put the remainder of the pot back in the kitty. At $100 million draw 10 tickets, and so on.

This limits the payout to $10 million, which isn't near as sexy as a billion dollars, but it is better for the economy as a single winner of a billion bucks isn't likely to spend much of it. While a hundred $10 million winners will spread it around.

This isn't a fully fleshed-out idea but it's an idea, okay? 


In the back our heads too many of us equate going to Mars with the great explorers of old venturing across vast oceans in tiny boats to discover new lands... and gold.

Totally the same thing if America had no oxygen and the average temperature would make an ice cube wish it'd brought a jacket.


Another weird aspect of SCOTUS' Roe decision is that talented male athletes in future may prefer states with liberal abortion laws, if you know what I mean. Southern colleges may, as a result, not get the best football players, for example.

Which is great because it may make some Southern gents, who consider football to be no less than a major religion, change their minds about choice.


I'm being asked my age by clerks way too often these days. It's annoying. I've resorted to telling them I'm so old the date is in hieroglyphics - an owl, a floating eye, a man doing hand-jive in a speedo and a donkey getting an enema.

On a related note, I wish my blood-pressure medicine came on little tabs of paper so I could at least pretend it's LSD.


end rant

News & Notes for August 2, 2022

Atlanta music festival canceled when it could not prohibit firearms.

Biden administration assassinates murderous Al Qaeda mastermind.

Trump could have killed Al Qaeda leader (but he felt it didn't benefit his reelection.)

Biden administration reunites 400 migrant families separated under Trump.

Capitol rioter, Guy Riffitt, sentenced to 7 years in jail.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the PACT act.

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