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The progressive editorial cartoon about god making humans too fertile.

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I think Texas Governor Greg Abbott would really appreciate it if every Texas woman mailed him their used sanitary pads each month to show him that they're not pregnant and in need of previously legal reproductive services. That would, no doubt, ease his troubled mind.


Until we solve this country's homeless problem I think it would be best to cut back on all the reality TV programs about the ultra-rich and their mega-million-dollar mansions.

It's like people have no bread and our media is rife with cake-baking programs. We're a sick society.


People want to put AOC in the White House. I'd prefer we put more AOCs in the House and Senate.


In my area several electric companies offer no charge for nighttime use plans, made up by higher daytime prices. If I could afford an EV that combo would be suh-weet!


The oil companies are making record profits, driving this looming recession. What this country needs is a windfall profits tax that works instead of raising interest rates.
But those favoring windfall profit taxes don't have a lobby that spends $200 million a year.


Technical note: Today's 'toon takes me to 13 for the month of July, a full monthly total. This makes two months in a row so I think I'm back in the groove again. August may bring 13 'toons of "My gawd it's hot!" but I'll take what I can get. Have a great weekend, peeps!


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News & Notes for July 30, 2022

Matt Gaetz caught on hot mic assuring Stone of a pardon.

GOP state officials are refusing to certify vote results.

President Joe Biden tests positive for Covid again.

Vets stage sit-in at Capitol over burn-pit vote.

Trump wants concentration camps.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

the infinite cat project

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Angel: You designed this creature to bear young once a year for over thirty years.
God: So?
So nothing eats them!
G: Okay, so what's the big deal?
World explodes. Foom!
G: Oh. My bad.

The progressive editorial cartoon about god making humans too fertile.

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