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The progressive editorial cartoon about the PACT Act.

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The Old GOP Switcheroo

I realize the subject of little girls being raped and impregnated and having to either bear their rapists child or die in the process is a foul and disgusting idea, but the Republican Party has publicly chosen to accept that scenario as part of doing business. And that business is to gain power for themselves by co-opting the dolts and dotards of this country who think a magic sky fairy personally imbues life into every single zygote, and little pregnant girls be damned.

Yes, that's the GOP's stance, and never forget it.

Meanwhile, kudos to all the voters of Kansas who proved that there is still hope for this country. Please let similar irate voters show up in similar numbers in the upcoming mid-terms.



(For all you Early Birds; Yes, the original Rant has been sent to a farm in the country. It was for the best. Really.)


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News & Notes for August 4, 2022

Alex Jones cell phone messages to be turned over to the January 6th Committee.

California Governor Gavin Newsom urges Hollywood to avoid filming in anti-abortion states.

Biden signs executive order directing Medicaid to pay for abortion travel expenses.

Senate vote 95-1 to add Sweden and Finland to NATO.

Kansas resoundingly opposes abortion ban in primary vote.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: It is the conservative position that if little girls get raped and impregnated they must carry the child to term.
Did you see the Kansas voting results on abortion?
Well, crud. There's only one thing to do.
Democrats don't care if your daughters are raped and impregnated!
He's a genius.

The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion and Kansas.

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