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The progressive editorial cartoon about getting an abortion in Texas

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You're Getting Warmer, Warmer...

I don't know where you live but here in North Texas, thanks to our new special friend, the Heat Dome, it's hot. Scary hot. Sometimes killer hot for those unfortunate enough not to find respite from the sun.

("The stars at night, are big and bright [clap-clap-clap-clap] but it's hotter'n Hell at 3AM in Texassss.")

So whenever I go on my daily bike ride and happen to pass one of those massive full-size pickup trucks, idling needlessly by the curb, emitting waves of heat like a four-wheeled blast furnace, knowing full well there are tens of millions more like them all across this country furiously spewing BTUs, you will forgive me, pacifist that I am, if I have frequent thoughts of Georgia Guidestone-ing the damn things into oblivion.


Speaking of which, when I heard that the Georgia Guidestones had been bombed, and I really had no opinion of them other than as a curiosity, I couldn't help remembering those pig-ignorant, fundamentalist jerks, the Islamic State, nuking all those huge Buddhist statues in Afghanistan back in 2015.

Why can't such terrorism be applied towards something useful, like reducing the use of plastic?

"In other news, this afternoon the Islamic State handcuffed themselves to the doors of the largest plastic shopping bag manufacturing plant in the U.S. They're demanding that consumers switch to reusable canvas totes by 2025 or they'll begin a program of super-gluing themselves to all the warehouse where sporks are stored. As a result, reports of panic buying of plastic utensils are coming in from all along the East coast. More on this as it happens."


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News & Notes for July 8, 2022

California will manufacture its own low-cost insulin.

New Arizona law limits free speech to 8 feet or more.

Republican Congresswoman says she would shoot her own grandchildren, for reasons.

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 21 years in federal prison for being a murderous, racist asshole.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns. Trump says he never knew the guy.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

How to get an abortion in Texas.
Vote for enough Democrats to expand the House and Senate.
The Senate will then expand the Supreme Court with four new Liberal judges.
The Supreme Court will then rule 7-6 to reauthorize a woman's right to privacy.
Then you can get an abortion in Texas and give Governor Abbott the finger as you leave the clinic.
Hand voting, judge symbols, female symbol, fuck you finger.

The progressive editorial cartoon about getting an abortion in Texas.

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