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The progressive editorial cartoon about the Second Amendment.

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A Shot In the Dark

Second Amendment supporters believe that if everyone is armed then you'll have a more polite citizenry.

Actually, if everyone is armed then no one is safe.

And, strangely enough, if only one person is armed then no one is safe, either.

The Second Amendment needs to go.


The Right is blaming these mass shootings by young white males on their use of weed and Prozac.

Ummmm, don't women also smoke weed and take Prozac?


If the "good guys with guns" idea worked we'd never have mass shootings.

But it doesn't because it can't.


It just occurred to me that the Right may be against physician-assisted suicide because it would eat into gun and ammo sales.


Me: Why does the GOP oppose President Biden policies on improved health care,  fair voting, a living wage, lower drug prices, environmental protection, gun control, and codifying abortion?

GOP: Because we need to make him look weak, so that his presidency fails.

Me: Does that mean if you get a Republican in the White House you'll support all those policies?

GOP: [giggle] [snort] [guffaw] BWAHHHH-hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Me: Forget I asked.


end rant

News & Notes for July 6, 2022

Lindsay Graham sought "more favorable outcome" for Trump in Georgia election.

Majority of Texans want tighter gun control laws.

Pennsylvania Republicans endorse Democratic candidate for Governor.

Mitch McConnell salivates over workers looming poverty.

DOJ sues Arizona over "proof of citizenship" voting law.

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Thanks to the Second Amendment I can control my destiny.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the outdated and pointless Second Amendment.

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