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The progressive editorial cartoon about the new American nuclear family.

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Buttonhooks in the Well-Water

We all have a favorite movie. Mine is the 1962 version of "The Music Man", a film I must have watched upwards of thirty times in my, ahem, short life. No other title even comes close to that number of viewings and every time I watch it I seem to see something new.

So this Fourth of July weekend I spun up my special edition DVD and I saw something I'd never seen before. Something… unpleasant.

I saw a con man prey upon a naive, midwest community.

I watched a con artist lie about his collegiate background and misrepresent his product line repeatedly to its citizens.

I saw a creep singing songs about the pleasures of loose women in front of a little girl.

I saw a charlatan beguile and attempt to seduce his 103rd female victim in a two-state area (An actress who Wikipedia reports was, in reality, pregnant at the time of filming. Eww.)

I watched an otherwise smart and beautiful woman fall into a rubber-legged swoon over this crook's catfishing.

I watched the same woman inform the chisler she knew all about his lies and invited him back to her place anyway.

I watched an entire community of decent people rise up and forgive him of his obvious swindles simply because he was just so darned entertaining.

I watched Trump. Basically.


Yes, Trump ruined my very favorite movie. I actually got a little queasy at times.

Thanks to that orange pus-bucket everything has lost its innocence.

RIP Prof. Harold Hill. Or Gregory. Or whatever your name was.


Note: There was a slight edit to the cartoon. You're not crazy.


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News & Notes for July 5, 2022

Spain and Portugal suffering driest climate in 1200 years.

10-year-old rape victim denied abortion in Ohio.

Trump admirer shoots nd kills six people in Chicago.

Texas to outlaw sodomy if given the opportunity by the Supreme Court.

Texas revives 1925 anti-abortion law.

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the new American Nuclear family

Brought to you by the Republican party
Teen son with assault right: Looking forward to "helping" people.
Father: Government mandated conversion therapy ticking time-bomb.
10-year-old girl: Carrying her uncle's baby. Will die in childbirth.
Wife in handmaiden outfit

The progressive editorial cartoon about the new American nuclear family.

second amendment comic supreme court comic