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The progressive editorial cartoon about the Supreme Court.

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Supreme Lunacy

Trump: "I missed my chance to turn this country into a dystopian hellhole."

Six Conservative Supreme Court Justices: "Hold our beer."


I'm beginning to think the GOP honestly wants Trump to be indicted for his many crimes as it would energize the base to vote for his replacement.

If, thanks to the six radical Justices on the Supreme Court, we're allowed to vote in 2024. And I'm not kidding.


Polls are cropping up indicating Joe Biden has lost the confidence of the America voter.

Joe Biden is not the problem with this country's woes, folks. The problem is Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and fucking Mitch McConnell.

We could have had safe voting, codified abortion, effective gun control and the entire Build Back Better suite in play had those three simply acted like normal human beings instead of being the greedy, self-interested assholes they are.


One last thing:

Did you know that SC Justice Neil Gorsuch's mom was once Reagan's head of the EPA? She tried to rip the agency apart but eventually had to resign over a Superfund scandal, becoming the first administrator of that agency to be cited for Contempt of Congress.

Neil's just finishing the job.


end rant

News & Notes for July 1, 2022

John Stewart: "The Supreme Court is the Fox News of justice."

Petition to impeach Clarence Thomas reaches 700,000 signatures.

Arizona moves to kill public education, a Conservative wet dream.

Mitch McConnell, being an asshole again.

Supreme Court to rule on election law that could result in a judicial coup of our government.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the ridiculous rulings bySupreme Court.

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