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The progressive editorial cartoon about dark money and the Supreme Court.

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Dark Money

God dammit!

The Supreme Court just gave the finger to the environment by limiting the EPA's power to curtail energy plant emissions. With all the social norms they're fervently reversing why would they....?

Oh, yeah.... money. Lots and lots of money. Lots and lots of oil money.

Am I suggesting that the bank accounts of the six Conservative/Fascist judges are overflowing with bribes? No, but $250 million dollars in dark money used to put the last three theocratic butts on the bench went into SOMEone's pockets.

We must overturn Citizens United.


60% of abortions in America were at the request of white women.

This is why Republicans have banned abortion. They're afraid of becoming the minority ethnicity in America.

Clarence Thomas, though, ruled to abolish abortion because he's just a jerk.


Clarence Thomas didn't say a goddamn word for thirty years and now he won't shut up. He now thinks that the American public is too fixated with technology to govern itself so he's about to change all the rules.

ALL of them.

But her emails.


In the midst of all this madness, congratulations to our new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Give 'em Hell, Judge.

Also, thank you, Cassidy Hutchinson, for your bravery and resolve to tell the American public just what a dangerous lunatic Trump is.


end rant

News & Notes for June 30, 2022

The bought-and-paid-for Supreme Court fucks over the environment.

Trump possibly tampering with January 6th witnesses.

How Charles Koch bought the Supreme Court's EPA decision.

Trump may have broken these four federal laws.

The next Conservative assault on voting.... and it's a monster.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about dark money and the Supreme Court.

supreme lunacy comic red giant comic