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The progressive editorial cartoon about the end of the Earth.

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The Angry Red Planet

Clarence Thomas hardly said a goddamn word for thirty years but now that he has America by the evangelical balls he won't shut up.

Sic semper tyrannis, asshole.


Interesting day in Washington so far.

According to testimony, Trump knew the attack on the Capitol was being planned, knew his rally audience was armed, wanted even more of them to be armed, and knew for a fact their weapons were to be used at the Capitol.

Trump also planned to go to the Capitol, meaning he was going to directly extort the crowd to capture and possibly kill the legislators within. When the Secret Service followed protocol and told Trump they were instead returning to the West Wing he screamed "I'm the fucking President! Take me to the Capitol!"

Since the Committee already knew what the witness was going to say this morning I'm wondering why Trump isn't being held in custody now.


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News & Notes for June 28, 2022

Democrats more likely to vote in mid-terms.

Supreme Court assaults wall between Church and State.

Supreme Court abortion ruling disproportionally affects Black and Latinx minorities.

Concealed-carry laws increase crime by a third.

Majority of Americans disapprove of Roe vs. Wade reversal.

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Eart 2022: We must end abortion, because to god every life is sacred, forever and ever and ever. Halleleujah!
Earth 7,500,002,022: Red giant Sol: Poof!

The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion and the end of the Earth.

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