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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion and inflation

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Two For the Road

There's a pregnant woman in Texas who was given a ticket for driving in the HOV lane alone. She argued that, thanks to Texas's peculiar stance about the legal rights of the fetus, that there were actually two people in her car.

(She might as well eat at restaurants where "kids eat free". She'd never have to pay for a meal for at least nine months though she better like chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.)


So now she's going to court to see if Texas is serious about this "fetus is a person" stuff. If the judge rules "yes" then all kinds of Pandora's Boxes suddenly open. If the judge says "no" then there's going to have to be a zillion carve-outs in the laws deciding when and where a fetus is or is not a person.

Just couldn't leave a woman's right to privacy alone, could you, you Conservative morons.


This is beginning to smell like the GOP plan along.

They installed Supreme Court Judges who so completely trampled over the meaning of the Constitution that they themselves become totally unable to justify their rulings and eventually rule 6-3 "Screw it! Rewrite the damn thing!"

But the GOP, using vote suppression, will by then be running the majority of the state legislatures who will, presumably, be rewriting the Constitution.

What could possibly go wrong?


Remember when America had clever serial killers, almost exclsively men, who were so clever they basically dared law enforcement to catch them?

Now we just have a bunch of dumb asses who drag an assault weapon into schools, shopping malls, and churches and start opening holes in innocent people. Then they stand there and wait for the cops and their free Happy Meal (Whites only) on their way to the local precinct.

Personally, I blame the GOP for under-funding the schools.


end rant

News & Notes for July 11, 2022

How a traffic ticket could affect abortion rights.

Trump rally cancelled because (BWAH-ha-haaa) he's got to go to court.

Bill Barr subpoenaed in Dominion defamation suit.

Book asserts that Republicans secretly support Liz Cheney but 're too skeered of Trump to admit it publicly.

Biden administration tells hospitals they must provide emergency abortion services, regardless of state laws.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion and inflation.

citizenship comic texas abortions comic