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The progressive editorial cartoon about looming despotism in America

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One of the best things I've read this week is a long article by Dakota Rhodes, son of the Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, on what it was like to grow up in a household led by a man bent on armed anti-government conflict. The horror of his description of the right-wing bubble and how it strangled his world-view is happily balanced by his rising awareness that he'd been deceived and his subsequent escape to reality.


A ten-year-old female human is raped, impregnated and has to flee to a neighboring state to terminate her pregnancy. Fox News immediately questions the validity of the story because they have to support the monstrous decision by the Supreme Court on abortion at all costs.

Burn that company to the ground and salt it ten feet deep.


We need to have a First Amendment version of the NRA, one that seeks to encourage unconcealed-carry of the daily news.


Number of Democratic Senators stalling progressive legislation: 2

Number of Republican Senators stalling progressive legislation: 50

The problem is not the Democrats.


Texas says let the women die.
Texas says let the sick die.
Texas says let the grandparents die.
Texas says let the cold die.
Texas says let the hot die.
Texas says let immigrants die.
Texas says let the trans kids die.
Texas says let the child abuse victims die.
Texas says let the elementary students die.
Texas says let the hungry die.

Texas has a death cult problem.


I think the Republican Party wants everyone armed so that when they eventually sundown Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (Something George Carlin warned us about 30 years ago) America's sick and elderly will have a convenient way to blow their own brains out.


end rant

News & Notes for July 14, 2022

House Republicans all vote against Neo-Nazi probe of military and police.

Republicans respond to rape of ten-year-old by attacking doctors.

Iran is closer to developing nukes thanks to a giant orange man-baby installed in the White House by Russia.

Giant orange man-baby attempts to call witness in January 6th hearings.

House Democrats pass bill to create active shooter alerts.

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The Republican Party chooses the Supreme Court judges, which makes the GOP the Judicial branch of the government.
The Supreme Court institutes Republican policies, which makes them the legislative branch of the government.
And the Executive Branch will be Stalinism-on-crack if Republicans ever take the White House again.
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The progressive editorial cartoon about looming despotism in America.

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