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The progressive editorial cartoon about gun stores.

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Stand Your Playground

For the record, I do not encourage 10-year-olds to go on violent rampages through gun stores.

But if they want to stop into one and show the owners what cute, adorable little kids actually look like the owners might be less inclined to sell guns to absolute morons intent on killing them.


As frequent visitors to this site know I'm not the greatest adherent of the Second Amendment, especially since I learned that it's primary purpose was to assure the Southern States that they could keep their guns for use in slave-control in order to get them to ratify the Constitution.

But I'm also against guns as their misuse has, in my lifetime, touched my family...

Four times.

One person died.

In each occasion a gun was used in the heat of passion or, in one case, was in the hands of someone mentally unstable.

Paranoid-schizophrenia unstable.

In all cases not one gun-related episode was in self-defense or in defense of others. In all cases it was "This gun will solve my current problem".

Perhaps, surprisingly, none of these events ultimately led me to my current stance against easy access to murder devices. I figured that out for myself at a very young age, about the same time I determined that organized religion was a con game, that there are too many humans on this planet, that racism has no place in our unique, American melting-pot, and that misapplication of chemicals into our bodies (including government-approved and taxable nicotine and alcohol) was a severe insult to the gray mass in our skulls that, coincidentally enough, ultimately determines who lives or dies if we happen to have a gun in our hands.

If the Second Amendment had never been necessary to form this imperfect Union I suspect life in this country would be pretty much the same as it is now, minus tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands wounded and millions emotionally traumatized each year as a result of gunfire. Plus the GOP platform might still be about business and not about the lingering effects of antebellum racism.

And the number of tyrants overthrown using force  of arms would still be: 0.


Technical Note: I came up with the image for this cartoon pretty easily. It made me laugh in my weird little way. The text, however,went through about a zillion revisions as there's a lot of ways to go with this idea. But, yeah, this is the one I went with.


end rant

News & Notes for June 1, 2022

The Uvalde school police chief has stopped responding to requests by investigators.

House passes bill to combat gas price-gouging. Every Republican voted against the bill.

Trump's "Russia-gate" claim goes down in flames.

Vermont votes to self-fund $1000 child tax credit payments.

We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about  mental health and gun control.

gun control comic school security door comic