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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP mental health.

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Amur'can Psycho

The following is a shameless plagiarism of my own tweets regarding the latest spate of gun massacres 'cause, geez, I'm tired.

And because my tweets are the awesomist.


The bodies of those Uvalde children were so destroyed by that idiot's assault weapon that some of them could only be identifiedby their DNA.


Those kids were definitely not Republican because they actually HAD DNA, unlike these monsters in the GOP.


Who is the bigger monster? The men who slaughter children with assault weapons or the Conservatives who insist guns are more important than children's lives?


I couldn't help but notice that all the preparation for school shootings didn't help those 21 people in Uvalde one fucking bit.

This is a big, fat clue that you can't, you canNOT, stop these kind of murderers.

We need to get rid of the guns.


The Bible really has one useful bit of information to impart:

"Thou shalt not kill."

Republicans don't care for that one because it hurts their voter turn-out.


If you say "thoughts and prayers" you're essentially saying "I'm fine with the present set of circumstances in which the chemicals in some unfortunate's brain has gone awry and the answer to their psychological issue is to shoot and kill other people."


If you need to protect your home, get a shotgun.

If you need to hunt to eat, get a bolt-action rifle.

But no one needs a hand gun or a semi-automatic weapon designed for actual military use.


Remember the Amendment to the Constitution that made the manufacture of "intoxicating liquors" illegal and you haven't been able to get a drink since?

Oh, yeah. That's right. It was amended.

We can amend the Second Amendment, too.

So here's my idea:

Let's amend the Second Amendment so that "a well-regulated militia" means "a well-regulated militia" and not "any kid with a credit card and an ax to grind".

That shouldn't be too hard.


If an elementary school student entered the Capitol and shot and killed 18 Congressmen I do believe the GOP would snap into action and close all the elementary schools.


As a Texas boy who is well aware of the power of religion on simple minds, and the fact that I personally know a woman who was sexually assaulted by a Baptist church counselor, this report about sexual abuse by officials within the Southern Baptists comes as no surprise.

Screw religion.


end rant

News & Notes for May 26, 2022

Gun deaths in Texas doubled under Governor Greg Abbott.

President Joe Biden signs order requiring police misconduct files to be made public.

California Senate passes strict gun-control bill.

Beto O'Rourke takes the gun control fight directly to Greg Abbott.

The upcoming NRA convention is a gun-free zone.

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