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The progressive editorial cartoon about price gouging.

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Little Ptchers Have Big Earnings

Back in 2008 the price of crude oil skyrocketed to $145 a barrel. Gas was then $3.80 a gallon.

Today a barrel goes for $106. We're paying almost $5 a gallon today.

That's price-gouging, meant entirely to affect the upcoming elections. The problem can be solved if enough Democrats march to the polls this November and increase the size of the Democratic majorities. Otherwise, and I'm quoting the head of any oil company, "Suffer, bitch!"


It's really weird how Biden "stole an election" and his actions so far have been to try and improve the environment, keep people fed, housed & healthy, plus unite the world against a brutal dictator. It's like he's not a greedy, infantile, narcissistic moron like the last guy at all.


The GOP Today: "Every baby must be carried to full-term and given a chance at life, but fuck 'em if they expect to be fed."


Liberals have always made jokes about how the GOP would vote against free puppies.

But they just voted against increasing supplies of baby food.

This is not surprising as the GOP only recognizes fetuses, not actual living, breathing babies.


Elon Musk. Man where to start.

Let me see if I've got this straight:

If you accuse Elon Musk of sexual improprieties his response will be to give you $250k and call you a "crisis actor".

It's apparently just that easy.

I imagine when Elon was approached by his lawyers, suggesting that he pay his "masseuse" $250K for whipping out his junk and waving it around, he probably replied "Man, I don't deal in such fiddling small change. See if she'll take Venmo."

To be clear, old Musky is worth 218 billion dollars, which means he could pay $250,000 for sex every day for [click-click-clickity-click]

2389 years.

So he is, relative to the average man's paycheck, paying less than penny for sex (or whatever that was).

What a great guy.


You know the story of the stopped clock being right twice a day? The Bible is a little like that. It's full of the most ridiculous nonsense and then, at 8:37:15 AM, it goes "Thou shalt not kill", and from then on it's "cuckoo-cuckoo for cocoa puffs" all the way to Revelations and beyond.


end rant

News & Notes for May 20, 2022

Ginni Thomas pressured Arizona lawmakers to throw the election to Dollar Store Hitler.

Even neutral Switzerland has had enough of Putin's naked aggression.

Senate Republicans block relief funding bill that almost ensures 90,000 small businesses will close.

Millions more American children going hungry since the GOP, and Joe Manchin, killed the expanded child tax credit.

George W. Bush's brain fart accidentally outs himself as a brutal war criminal.

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