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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican replacement theory.

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The Mason-Siegfried Line

Republicans screaming "replacement theory" is very peculiar since their definition of "theory", especially when applied to Darwin's research, has always been "egghead elitist baloney!"


Do Republican voters really think that giving the GOP the House and Senate will solve any of this country's problems? Do they really expect the GOP to lower gas prices and make insulin cheaper?


Mad Cawthorn lost his reelection bid.

Our nation's trees are once again safe.


Must be just a coincidence that the Buffalo massacre was right before the primaries. Including the ones in Pennsylvania. The state with the large Black population.

Yeah, just a coincidence.


Regarding Buffalo, Congress could pass a law, today, that would stop another Buffalo massacre.

(I may be just a humble crank but would not codifying the phrase "well regulated militia" to actually mean "the militia", as in "the U.S. military" keep tools for murder out of the hands of idiot children and adults alike?)

But the Republican party stands in the way. They are happy to live with blood on their hands if they can get a few more votes from violent racist White people.


Plan B is available from Amazon for $10. Shelf life is measured in years.


If they updated Gilligan's Island today the castaways would become more gaunt and ragged with each episode and it would end with a Coast Guard cutter coming ashore only to find a starving Skipper gnawing on the leathery shards of the Professor's femur.


One last thing: If Hillary had simply turned around during the debates and said "Sit your fat ass down!" Trump would have remained a curious, ridiculous oddity.


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News & Notes for May 18, 2022

Hasta la vista, Cawthorn.

Professional women soccer players finally get the pay they deserve.

Federal Judge strikes down Tennessee's transphobic bathroom sign law.

Fiona Hill reveals that Putin thought Trump was a moron.

Tina Kotek wins Democratic primary for Governor of Oregon.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the replacement theory.

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