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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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Settled Flaw

It costs $233k to raise a child to age 18. If the Supreme Court takes away abortion then they must make the government provide low-income women $13k per year for 18 years.

Per child. (Japan does this, btw, whether you're low income of not.)

But there's not a chance in Hell of it happening because Conservatives love the talking point and hate the child.


Anyone who reads a lot of crime novels tend to think they'd make a good detective, but never a good criminal.

Funny how that works, huh?

It's almost like reading gives us insight on how to make a better society.

Quit banning books.


In the 16th century the Church encouraged the use of male castrati rather than let women sing in churches.

Now people are suggesting men should get vasectomies instead of the the Church simply allowing women to control their own bodies.

Screw religion, especially Catholicism.


Thank you, Jen Psaki, for representing sanity for much too brief a moment in this country's time of need.


February 24, 2022

Dear Diary;

Today I sent my troops into Ukraine to murder as many civilians as possible. My conscripts are not well-trained nor well-equipped but how hard can it be to butcher defenseless old people?

Without doubt the West will react predictably and enact sanctions on sales of my country's precious oil, which is fine as as shrinking supplies will grip the hearts of people globally as prices of consumer goods soar. Inflation should reach a peak shortly before the U.S. mid-term elections and nervous Americans will point to the failures of Democrats and vote to install my Republican friends into positions of power across the U.S., especially in the powerful state attorneys general offices.

Once my Republican friends thoroughly control the results of the vote it will be a simple matter to install a willing disciple into the role of President. Soon afterwards the U.S. will pull out of NATO, officially ally with Russia, and the world, now faced by our combined nuclear arsenals will roll onto its back and piss themselves for my pleasure.

And all it cost me was a few old tanks, a few thousand men, and a pathetically small amount money in bribes to Republicans I will soon dispose of.

Also, little Sven scored two goals for his soccer team. We are so proud.



end rant

News & Notes for May 16, 2022

The Supreme Court just made political bribery legal thanks to Ted Cruz.

"GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism." - Liz Cheney.

The Buffalo shooter's manifesto used the same white supremacist theory as that of Tucker Carlson.

Florida Governor DeSantis says "Fuck you" to legal protests.

Obama family and AirBnB announce new $100 million dollar scholarship fund.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

replacement theory comic abortion comic