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The progressive editorial cartoon about accurately describing the Republican Party.

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The Umami of Treason

Rudy Giuliani on The Masked Singer. [Deep heavy sigh]

What next?

Kyle Rottenhouse on Family Feud?

I really don't think it was some bright-eyed intern on The Masked Singer who suggested Rudy Giuliani make a guest appearance.

No doubt a Fox media executive wrote a memo and is currently laughing his ass off at all the librul tears being spilled.


Art Spiegelman's "Maus" is a wonderful tool to help the average 'Mercan readily comprehend the complete insanity of the Holocaust.

For the same reason the same average 'Mercans should also read Robert Crumb's "Book of Genesis".


It seems those dirty Russian were planning to film a pretend massacre of Russians by Ukranians, including the crucifixion of a child, to rile up the folks at home and justify an invasion. Like Putin needs to justify anything.

Now where have I heard something like that before?

Oh, yeah.

It's like the bogus story in 1990 that Iraqi soldiers were throwing premature babies out of incubators in Kuwait.

This shit works, it worked on the American people, and it began the Oil Wars that the military-industrial-complex needed so badly after the fall of the USSR.


The new name of the Washington football team is the "Commanders".

Might as well change the name of the cheerleaders to "The Handmaidens".


What if the police had to fight fires, too? Think they'd be over-worked? That's why we have the fire department.

This explains the need to reallocate some of the money used for the policing of serious crimes and spend it on agencies that handle the small stuff.

Defunding the police is not a thing, it's a grammatical error.


About two years ago Wiley Miller, creator of the excellent comic strip "Non Sequitur" (Which I adore!), surreptitiously scrawled the words "Go fuck yourself Trump" in the margins of a Sunday panel and got dumped by way too many newspapers for his brashness.

It's time these papers apologized for their mistake.


Last and not least: You might be happy to learn that I and my fellow North Texans are going to survive the latest weather crisis without the electric grid going FOOM. No thanks to our Governor who evidently thinks that abortion restrictions will keep us all warm and toasty when the thermometer drops.


end rant

News & Notes for February 4th, 2022

Mike Pence pretends to be presidential material by denying Trump's election claims.

The GOP lowers the bar way way down again, claiming the January 6th attack was 'legitimate political discourse'.

U.S. economy posts record job creation. Thank you, Mr. Biden.

Republican Jim Jordan spoke to Trump for ten minutes (No, this is not normal) before the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Louis DeJoy has to go.... NOW!

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