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The progressive editorial cartoon about illegal immigrants.

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Immigrant Song


Where felons cannot vote but they can run for President.

Yes, even if Trump is behind bars he could still run for President in 2024. There is nothing in the Constitution that forbids this.



If Putin is so afraid of NATO then why doesn't he just join NATO?

(He said, tongue planted firmly twixt teeth and cheek.)


I suspise the GOP is slowly and publicly backing away from Trump because they feel the vote-suppression laws passed by Conservative legislatures is going to be enough to suit their purposes.


Trump destroying White House documents gives me an idea.

How about we destroy every single document regarding Trump as President, throw his ass in a deep well, and forget we ever heard of him.


By saying the insurrectionists were engaging in legal political discourse on January 6th the GOP has violated a law against giving aid to such people, which comes with a penalty of up to five years and a prohibition from ever holding office again.

Do it, Garland! DO IT!


Anyone who states, and by "anyone" I mean slime-ball mega-church pastors, that any pregnancy, even one stemming from rape or incest, is God's plan then they also have to believe that abortion is God's plan, too.

Bigger question: If our lives are predetermined by God then what's the point of anything?

(Answer: There is no god. Religion is a tax-free industry for greedy charlatans. End of story.)


After the Big Freeze here in Texas last week I heard stories of shoppers being unable to find meat at their local grocers.

I just kept quietly eating my spinach and lentil burrito while chuckling softly to myself.


end rant

News & Notes for February 10th, 2022

Trump may have removed classified documents from the White House.

Congress moves towards banning members from trading stocks'.

January 6th Committee subpoenas Trump aide Peter Navarro.

No, President Biden is not spending $30 million on crack pipes. (Siiiiiiigh.)

North Carolina is considering kicking Madison Cawthorn off the ballot.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

red hat: You know why those Central Americans keep coming up here, don't you?
L: Is it due to the income inequality caused by american anti-union interference in the 1950's?
RH: No, it's because…
L: Which led to a despotic narco economy that's fed American's insatiable desire for illegal drugs.
L: or was it the numerous hurricanes which ruined their manufacturing base?
RH: No! They come here so they can vote for Democrats.
Gosh, And here I was thinking you were about to suppose something stupid.

The progressive editorial cartoon about illegal immigrants.

fox news comic six blind men comic