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The progressive editorial cartoon about fox news misinformation.

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Too Subtle?

In 1973 inflation was at 6.2%, beef was hard to find and prices were sky-high as a result of an earlier corn blight, and fuel prices were through the roof thanks to the Arab oil embargo.

Oh, and the President at that time was a Republican crook who tried to trash the Constitution. He forced his Vice-President to use a loophole in the law to stay out of jail.

The more things change...

Read your history.


Historical Precedent For This Comic or Why I Hate Conservative Media

For you people in the future whose neural-transmitters inadvertently led you to this web page I'd like to take a moment to explain what this cartoon is all about.

America at this moment in history has a relatively small population of individuals who introduce poisonous chemicals into their bodies, a process which make them feel momentarily happy but eventually ruins their lives. We call them "drug addicts" though sometimes they're also called "Olympic athletes".

The drug-induction method of choice for many of these people is to heat a small concretion of these hazardous chemical substances, often manufactured in bathtubs, in a pipe made of glass until it vaporizes whereupon it is inhaled into the lungs. (Do not confuse this with the more socially common custom of smoking cigarettes. That is an entirely different way of drawing the heated vapors of dangerous chemicals into the lungs in order to provide personal enjoyment and/or cause cancer. Those particular chemicals were created by global corporations, not in bathtubs.)

As though destroying one's lungs and/or brain by inhaling such chemicals wasn't disastrous enough users of these drugs would often share the glass pipe with one another which, as a bonus, also spread any diseases they might have. Our President at this time, the last legally-elected President, Joseph Biden, in an effort to staunch such transfer of disease, allocated a small portion of the undoubtably, by future standards, quaint sounding sum of $30 million in public monies to "safe-smoking kits" to be provided free to drug users. Other countries have provided these kits to their citizens and found that they have worked very well in reducing the spread of disease.

Conservative media and the lizard-people, governmental entities known in short as "The GOP", view the current iteration of the First Amendment as a legal right to lie about everything if the result benefits them financially. They have reacted to the President's program by describing it as "giving $30 million dollars worth of crack pipes to drug users". Though categorically untrue this notion is currently viewed as "bad" by anyone who would seriously consider it, but only it if was a Democrat. (Democrats are now what you might call a person who still fires warning shots.)

The conservative media and the lizard people chose to describe the President's program this way because their viewers/voters are a pack of ignorant, hooting loonies whose brains are only capable of transient thoughts, apart from their inborn adoration of firearms and a similarly inbred violent dislike of anyone with noticeably darker skin.

by keeping the aforementioned loonies heads constantly filled with such disinformation they were easily convinced to vote for reality-TV con men who eventually turned your country into the dystopian Hell-hole it now is. If you doubt me please deactivate your neural-transmitters and read the history of America from 2000 to 2022 and you'll find [MESSAGE REDACTED]


end rant

News & Notes for February 11th, 2022

U.S. posts $119 billion dollar surplus.

Trump flushed White House documents down the toilet.

The CIA is secretly collecting bulk data on Americans.

On inflation and price-gouging.

Trump phones records have gone missing.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Today President Biden, in order to offset enforced isolation due to the pandemic, is offering free puppies to anyone who needs one.
Fox news
Biden is giving poor helpless puppies to crack addicts, pedophiles and candy-wielding black teenagers!
Biden hates cats! He clearly must be impeached!

The progressive editorial cartoon about right wing lies and misinformation.

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