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The progressive editorial cartoon about Ukraine and book censorship.

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Pardon Mes Idiots

While I'm pretty sure that Ted Cruz is already on his way to Cancun 'cause, you know, he needs extra warmth to defrost all of Trump's spermcicles from his manly beard, I wonder if the Massive Orange Baby-Man is in any way restricted from packing up his family and vamoosing in the dead of night to one of many authoritarian paradises.


Art Spiegelman's "Maus" is a great book to help the average 'Mercan readily comprehend the complete insanity of the Holocaust.

For the same reason the same average 'Mercans should also read Robert Crumb's "Book of Genesis".


Funny how RBG died just in time for Trump to replace her.

Also funny how a Democratic Senator had a stroke "just in time to slow the replacement for Judge Breyer on the Supreme Court.

I may have an overly dramatic mind but this is the stuff of bad fiction.


How do I feel about a Black female Supreme Court Judge?

I'd take nine of them. Give me Judges with personal experience on how fucked up this country is.


On top of what we're learning about all the scurrilous and illegal activity that went on during the 2020 election I hope you might recall that in 2016 when election officials asked Georgia for its data on the elections they said "Oops! We already erased it. Sorry."


Trump is basically offering pardons for people who have committed crimes in the past on his behalf. Trump, as a re-elected President, would have offered the specter of a man who would pardon supporters who would commit arocities, even murder, in his name.

What Trump meant by offering pardons is: "Go crazy! Break the law. Burn this country to the ground because I have your back."

Trump could have pardoned all the insurrectionists on the 7th of January but he didn't because it couldn't benefit him politically... at the time.

Offering pardons now proves he's just playing these clowns for suckers. .

President Joe Biden would never offer pardons for crimes committed in his name because he's not a sociopathic narcissist .


The same reason elementary schools don't teach critical race theory is the same reason they don't teach organic chemistry... because both courses are freaking COLLEGE courses!


Just about the time this 'toon is posted it will be 2:22:22 2/2/22.

And later this month it will  be 2:22:22 2/22/22.


end rant

News & Notes for February 2nd, 2022

January 6th Committee member saying Trump is absolutely tampering with witnesses.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman files lawsuit agaisnt Trump and Giuliani for violating the Klu Klux Klan Act.

ACLU sues Texas for deeming some U.S. voters as 'non-cicizens'.

Kyrsten Sinema is raking in BIG cash donations from GOP donors.

There was not one, but two plans by Trump to seize votigns machines

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: Those filthy commies really make me mad!
Lefty: Yeah, Russia ought to leave Ukraine alone!
No, not THOSE commies! I mean the one's over here who want their kids to read books!
Of course you did.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Ukraine and book censorship.

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