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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's taxes.

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So, yeah, I had cataract surgery on Monday. On Tuesday the bandages came off and I began seeing and reading with the new lens almost perfectly.

Ain't science wunnerful?

(The weird thing was the moment the bandages came off the right eye I could see the cataract in the left eye, an eye which, up until that point, I considered unhindered.)

I now have several weeks of eye drops to administer and I'm instructed to avoid bending over or hiding the sausage for the next two weeks, else I'll presumably spit the new lens out of my eye like a watermelon seed. Small price to pay, really.

The facility at which I had the surgery, to my surprise, was a vast machine designed for rapid eye enhancement (fast viewed). It became clear to me at the end, while I waited in the holding area, that the employees are witness to a never-ending stream of geezers with bad eyes going in and a similarly ceaseless parade of geezers in wheelchairs with identical white surgical patches over one eye heading for the door. The modern American assembly line in progress.

I tried to keep the staff and myself amused throughout the process, at one point asking, in jest, if I could hum a few Xmas tunes. They asked me what my favorite Xmas song was and I said "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" which I deftly modified to suit the moment....

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
May your joys redouble.
From now on our sight with be out of trouble.

They weren't impressed.

I'm scheduled for the left eye surgery next month. This should be the end of my cataract stories unless I decide to upgrade the third eye. Wheeee!


While sourcing a reputable surgeon to perform my cataract surgery I was introduced to the Operation Sight Foundation, a charitable group which helps uninsured Americans gain access to this vital medical need.

If you have a few extra bucks to spend this holiday seasons I'd like to encourage you to please donate whatever you can spare to this fine organization. Because there's no gift like the gift of sight. Thank you!


end rant

News & Notes for December 21, 2022

How much/little did Trump pay in taxes?

Texas: Hates the immigrant, desperate for foreign workers.

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to meet with President Joe Biden.

Newly elected House Republican busted as a fraud.

Did Congress just consign the northern right whale to extinction?

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's taxes.

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