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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump on work-release.

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Be Seeing you

A couple of years ago I was minding my own business, stocking away the seventh jerry-can of my micturational essences for the eventual purpose of drenching Trump's final resting place in a torrrent of my best regards, when a veil of aged vellum seem to close over my right eye.

"Well, that's unusual" I said.

An hour or so later, after the most cautious fifteen-minute drive of my life, an optometrist told me I have a cataract in my right eye. Also one in my left eye, though it was just a baby by comparison.

Oddly, the cataract wasn't the problem with my eroding eyesight. It was, to put it technically, a blob of eyeball goo that was making shadow puppets of bunnies and the odd moose across the path of my optic nerve. Nothing special. It's an old geezer thing.

"But you're going to need cataract surgery soon," said the doc.

"But I'm too young and pretty for this!" I said. "Okay, maybe just too pretty. Okay, maybe just 'too'."

I proceeded to spend the next 18 months playing corneal tag with The Blob. Eventually it grew weary of such antics and now lays snoozing on the bottom of my eyeball along with incalculable numbers of worn rods, blown cones, former-floaters, a few apples, and an ex-gleam or two. At which time I was able to firm grasp on the limitations that naughty right cataract was inflicting on my sight.

At first my visual field was largely unimpaired but it was... difficult to read with the right eye. Then after awhile it became impossible to read with the right eye. And that's why at 10:30 AM on December 19, 2022 Big Cranky Art Monkey is giving in to the inevitable. I'll probably be under the knife, or laser, about the time the J6th Committee points its accumulated fingers at Trump and shouts "J'accuse!"

I approach this process with all good faith in the splendid and remarkable advances medical science has made in this field. I've also, in the past few years, accompanied two friends who've endured the process and now sing unabashed hosannas to the results. Good old science!

Now, let me tell you about my lumbago. You see, every morning I... what? I have to go to take my happy pills and go to bed now? Oh, well, okay.

See you on the other side. (See what I did there?)


Today's comic is a repeat from December 19, 2018. Exactly four years ago.


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News & Notes for December 19, 2022

Trump is in deep trouble and the end is near.

There is sufficient evidence to charge Trump over efforts to overturn the election.

Trump acted like a child as President.

Trump's popularity is sinking among Republicans.

Many House Republicans too dim-witted to wield power.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump on work-release.

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