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The progressive editorial cartoon about Santa and crosshatching.

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A Shady Xmas Gift

Yeah, I know. This
cartoon does nothing to advance Liberal values and ideals, apart from art-for-art's-sake, but there's always tomorrow... or the 2024 campaign for President and/or the last gasp of Democracy.

As for the cartoon itself, I really didn't want to do it but I really wanted to do it. Make of that what you will.


Note of Semi-Self-Importance: Due to a recent minor illness, imminent eye surgery, various family issues, and the unavoidable freight train of accumulated joy/misery known as Xmas new Raging Pencils cartoons for the next ten days will be in definite flux. But stop in occasionally as ya just never know. (Don't be surprised if reruns make a brief reappearance.)


end rant

News & Notes for December 12, 2022

Mark Meadows is a traitorous cunt!

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a seditious cunt!

President Joe Biden is a swell guy!

Sam Bankman-Fried is a larcenous cunt.

Brett Kavanaugh is an unethical cunt.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

the infinite cat project

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Kid on Santa's lap: I'd like some crosshatching, please.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Santa, xmas, and too much coffee..

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