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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican denial of climate change.

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Tone Death

For those curious about such things, Republicans receive vastly more political contributions from oil companies than Democrats.


In case you need a Daily Affirmation:

The events of January 6th were a determined first attempt by the Republican Party to overthrow the government of this country, and they will attempt it again until they succeed. I will do everything in my power to stop any future Trumpy dictator.


I don’t think “It’s shameful that Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the national guard at the Capitol for the tourist event that definitely wasn’t an insurrection inspired by Trump” is the winning argument McCarthy thinks it is.



I just saw the trailer for the latest incarnation of "Dune".

Remember when critics said the first Star Wars was "too White"?

The struggle continues.


Mankind thinks it's a superbly advanced species but let's quickly ponder where we'd all be right now if fossil fuels had never formed on this planet in the vast quantities to which we're currently accustomed.

First and primarily, since the process of smelting requires the kind of high temperatures far in excess of simple wood fires the science of metallurgy would have been severely hampered. No coal, no iron or steel, no industrial revolution. Mankind would be still stuck in the Stone Age, but through no fault of its own. (Yes, you can make charcoal from wood but it would probably require a minor deciduous forest to make a decent suit of armor. No doubt nations would turn the world into one big Easter Island in pursuit of an army equipped with iron axes.)

So, yes, we do have fossil fuels but they're not inexhaustible, though we act like it. If we'd had any sense we'd have demanded, since the very first Model T hit the cobblestones, that every new vehicle squeeze every last, possible drop of mileage from each gallon of petrol. 50mpg minimum or GTFO!

This is hindsight, true, but it's exactly how we should be thinking now. American highways are stuffed with multi-passenger monster SUVs shuttling Dad to and from the Big Boxes for 2x4's and drywall screws, sucking high test at 20mpg while all the time whining with dissonant entitlement about the current high price per gallon.

Again, if we had any sense, we'd reject our masturbatory delight in horsepower and torque and zero-to-sixty times, driven entirely by marketing rather than necessity, and stick with less powerful, more efficient vehicles until the aliens finally arrive and sell us their blueprints for a cheap and portable fusion-powered generator.

But I'm not holding my breath.


end rant

News & Notes for July 22th, 2021

How hard is it to vote in Texas? This hard.

Over 4500 tips to FBI about Brett Kavanaugh went uninvestigated.

Beto O'Rourke group donates $600,000 to Texas Democrats fighting vote suppression.

The FTC votes unanimously to support Right To Repair.

Texas Democrats plan Selma-style march in Texas to save voting rights.

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Lefty: The reason you won't listen to anyone about climate change is because you have oil company money stuffed in your ears.
GOP elephant: I'm sorry. I can't hear you. I've got oil company money stuffed in my ears.
The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican denial of climate change.
The only music Republicans appreciate is bank notes.

covid lysistrata comic gop education comic