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The progressive editorial cartoon about people who won't get the covid-19 vaccine.

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Oh, Poo!

Yes, I realize that this cartoon nutshell's "Lysistrata" and, considering how effective the play's strategy to end war has been for the past 2500 years, I think I'll just consider my creation some well-earned poo-flinging and leave it at that.


Recently I had to shift the serving of this web site from http to https, for security reasons. It's possible some of you may have trouble accessing the site as a result. If so, that's the reason. So reset your bookmarks to https and hopefully all will be peaches and cream.


It may be getting hotter this Summer but you know what?

I won't have to suffer the heat sick with covid, you un-vaxxed bitches!


I've been vaccinated.

It feels so refreshing and honest and helpful to publicly and openly "violate" my HIPAA rights.


Remember the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic "The War of the Worlds"?

As the story goes, Martians with technological skills far in advance of our own invaded this green Earth and almost drove mankind to extinction. In the end humans were saved and the alien enemy thoroughly defeated by the simple microbes, viruses, and bacteria that we on Earth blithely ignore. It killed the Martians deader'n Mitch McConnell's ability to empathize with the middle class.

The annihilation of the alien hordes came as a surprise to most readers of the story because humans don't ordinarily view themselves as the sacks of biological poison that they are. As proof, just ask the Native Americans and the Central Americans who expired by the millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, from the multitudes of novel diseases the colonists and conquistadors brought from the Old World and spewed all over the American biosphere.

The blame lies with the cows, pig, and chickens the Europeans consumed and co-evolved with, passing viruses back and forth. Those diseases that didn't outright kill the local populations stuck around waiting for an opportunity to flourish again.

One like, oh, colonization of a foreign and isolated land.

Covid-19 is just another example of that viral mechanism and it's just as deadly now as smallpox was to the Aztecs. Imagine, after all, contracting Covid-19 today without the benefit of modern medicine. Cases of the disease we now shrug off with over-the-counter medicines would kill millions more than it has already.

In this Covid-19 environment those who continue to resist getting vaccinated are the new Martians or the new Native Americans though I'm pretty sure if they'd known about vaccinations they'd have been first in line.

Get vaccinated.


Mea Culpa: The woman's original reply include the word "copulated" but I called a very slow audible and replaced it with "fornicated" a couple days after its premier as that word just works better.

And who doesn't love fornication?


end rant

News & Notes for July 26th, 2021

Michigan Republican politicians pocketed Covid Relief funds as "hazard pay" to themselves.

GOP congressman infected with Covid-19 a second time.

Carl Bernstein: "Trump is an American war criminal".

Fauci: "U.S. is headed in wrong direction in controlling the Coronavirus".

President Joe Biden's approval ratings continue to remain high.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about people who won't get the covid-19 vaccine.

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