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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican fear of an educated society.

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The Portrait of Dotard Orange

About 21 years ago I was adopted by a little black kitten who turned out to be the best goddamn cat in the known universe and no one will convince me otherwise. But I was a bad cat daddy. I didn't raise her in the most optimal fashion because I had almost zero experience in feline ownership. This led to behavioral and dietary problems, as she matured, that I did not anticipate. She lived for fifteen years, which is about average for a cat, but I now know that I could have tended more adequately to a critter of her species and she might have lived longer.

This story is almost the same for my marriage. I had no manual for being a good husband so I didn't feed, water or nurture it properly. So natually I played it by ear and yatta-yatta-yatta critter species, etc.

What I could have used in both cases was good, solid information, filled with salient advice. You know, books on the subject of cat husbandry and, well, husbandry. But you know what? I didn't bother because I already knew everything.

Right? What could possibly go wrong?

Long after the inevitable divorce, and long before kitty sunk her claws into my heart, the internet arrived with the promise of all the knowledge of this world available at one's fingertips. Even before Google arrived the 'net offered almost infinite array of delectible surprises but I didn't rush to avail myself of any resource to polish my numerous flaws. I just wanted pictures of naked women.

Don't judge.

Then George W. Bush was awarded the Presidency in 2000 by the Supreme Court and it suddenly became clear to me that the internet had lost its innocence (I make joke) and was quickly becoming a rocky and partisan landscape, with Fox News leading the polarized charge. It was a difficult lesson to learn. What was the difference, after all, between The Washington Post and The Washington Times? Plenty, as it turned out. Then there were new names like RT and Breitbart and Little Green Footballs vying for attention alongside what I came to know as legitimate news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, and the Beeb, among others. But I eventually sorted out where honest information was to be found and where the conservative landmines were sown.

(Pauses rant to walk outside to yell at clouds. Takes deep breath and then returns.)

Which was okay for me, I suppose, but it's clear that too many people in today's fractious times still haven't, in fact, learned that important difference between legitimate news sources and firehoses of swill. The teats of misinformation today are neon-lit, fat, seductive and pervasive, designed specifically to attract the gaping maws of just plain folks hungry for sweet, addictive and easily digestible comfort food instead of informative comestibles packed with vitamins and fiber, or just the thing one needs to flush out the hydras of hype and propaganda if given a chance.

What I'm getting at is that I'm throughly disgusted by these anti-vaxxer click-baiters yelling "FIRE!" in the crowded theater of the absurd known as the World Wide Web (if such sobriquets are still used). Social media, Facebook specifically, needs to take a double-zero-tolerance policy towards anyone spreading misinformation of any sort but especially about the various covid-19 vaccines. I'm sure none of the larger social entities support this hateful agitprop but they have only so many resources and AI can't do it alone so it's up to each of us to raise a huge stink and report it to the respective Contact Us address whenever we confront it.



end rant

News & Notes for July 20th, 2021

Fauci officially tells Rand Paul he's a medically ignorant asshole.

Tom Brady visits the White House and mocks The former Occupant.

The Former Occupant really DID pay actors to attend his 2015 campaign launch, like the fake reality TV show it was.

The chair of The Former Occupant's 2017 inaugural fund arrested on federal charges.

Tiffany Cunningham confirmed by the Senate as the first Black Federal Circuit Judge. Congratulations, Tiff!

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican fear of an educated society.

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