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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's Reichstag moment.

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The Portrait of Dotard Orange

The new revelations that Putin had a hand in the election of the Giant Orange Superspreader Event are about as surprising as kicking through the ashes of a house and being informed that fire was responsible.


All these new books illuminating the Trump years are nice but any accurate retelling of his time in Washington HAS to be presented as a puppet show.

We need to get Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Muppet people together in the same room for an afternoon. This could happen.


This new information about Trump is absolutely frightening. If he'd signed the Insurrection Act and found a loyal general or two he'd have switched off the internet, put his tiny feet on the Resolute desk, ordered a Diet Coke and just chuckled and chortled about what a genius he is.

The GOP has known this all along, and they STILL consider him their leader.

Red Hats of America, you can keep your guns, you can protest abortion all you want, you can deny the covid-19 vaccine until you literally turn blue, but if you vote Republican any longer you're a damned fool.


LA County, California, is reporting almost 1000 people per day are being admitted to hospital sick with covid-19.

Not one of them have been fully-vaccinated. None. Zero.

This seems to me impressive, real-world evidence that vaccination works. It also means that if we were all vaccinated not one more American would die from covid-19.

And it's free!

So what the fuck?

(BTW, iIf Trump-voters had injected themselves with bleach last year, as their dear leader advised, we'd be at herd immunity by now. You know what I'm sayin'?)


Dems: "Women need to control their own bodies."

Republicans: "No one can have abortions!"

Dems: "Okay, then we'll give extra money to families with children."

Republicans: "Women need to control their own, uh, ummmm...... never mind."


President Joe Biden speech: "I swore an oath to protect this country from terrorists, both foreign and domestic."

Fox News' Sean Hannity's actual reaction: "BIDEN IS A DICTATOR!"


America is a very rich nation. When Republicans are in power they give the extra money to their rich donors. When Democrats are in power they give the extra money to people who need it.


Why is Mike Pence so strangely loyal to Trump? Putin probably has incriminating videos of Pence raping a Girl Scout without saying grace first.


end rant

News & Notes for July 16th, 2021

Right-wing media is killing Americans.

The GOP is America's number one national security threat.

Senator Joe Manchin made $500,000 from coal in 2020.

California approves nation's first basic income plan.

Black Congressional leader arrested in vote-suppression protest.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's Reichstag moment.

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