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The progressive editorial cartoon about permitless gun carry in Texas.

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Bullet Points

Texas Cops: "Hey, great news! You black folks might soon be able to carry guns without a permit for your own protection."

Texas Blacks: "Protection from who? You? You cops have been shooting us all these years even if we're holding a goddamn sandwich, imagining you saw a gun. So soon you're just going to assume that we are ALL carrying guns and you'll just kill us on suspicion. So, no, if this bill passes I'm moving to France and you white motherfuckers can just shoot each other."


The new Florida election laws are so restrictive that even white voters are going to feel the effects, but I'm betting drop boxes will magically appear in white-majority districts come election time and the local gendarmes will be "just too busy" to remove them.


California's COVID-19 positivity rate is way down and Texas's is way up. California lost a congressional seat and Texas gained a couple. Evidently Texas should have been worrying more about caravans of infected people coming from California than Central America.


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News & Notes for May 3, 2021

$35 billion-dollar clean water bill (GASP!) passes the Senate.

The Big Lie is now the tent-pole of GOP loyalty.

U.S. begins reuniting familes separated at the Mexico border.

President Biden calls Capitol riots 'worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War'.

Florida Republicans may have shot themselves in the ass with new vote restrictions.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Red Hat: What's the hold-up with passing the permitless carry gun law in Texas?
GOP elephant: Well, we haven't figured out how to keep blacks from carrying guns, too.

The progressive editorial cartoon about permitless gun carry laws in Texas.

breaking glass comic GOP vs. DEM comic