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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP vote suppression.

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Right Wrong

"Reverse Rapture":

Where demons from Hell suddenly appear among us fully-dressed and running as Republicans.


Each day I check the news and behold the latest assault on decency by the Republican Party, and I ask myself "Can they get any worse?"

Then I check the news the next day and find that the answer is "Yes. Yes, they can."

Rinse. Repeat.


The GOP is no longer functioning as a political party, but this country needs a two-party political system in order to create constructive debate.

So how about Liberal Democrats and Moderate Democrats?

Works for me.


Dear CNN and MSNBC: A man is currently in court saying Fox News drove him to commit violence at the U.S. Capitol. You need to run a clip of that guy's testimony every hour on the hour.


One of the tentpole arguments by Conservatives for free-n-easy gun ownership is that the populace must be well-armed in order to protect this country from tyrants.

Yet according to recent polls most Republicans think that Joe Biden stole the election and then went on to do all kinds of tyrant-y things, like disseminate vaccine and get money and food to people who desperately need it. And now Joe even wants to fix the bridges and make sure everyone gets to vote by just affixing a stamp to an envelope.


And yet, I'm aware of no drive on Washington by hordes of armed civilians determined to take back the White House and return it to a Russian puppet with the use of their super-duper, all-purpose, fix-everything, hand-held murder machines. I mean, I read the papers, I listen to the news, I keep my ear to the political ground but I'm not aware of anything that sounds like Crocs on the ground stumbling towards the Northeast corridor.
Now why is that?

Oh... right.

Because fervent 2A-ers know had they tried it they'd get their asses and their heads handed to them by phalanxes of employees of the U.S. who have been regularly trained to accurately insert projectiles into the most delicate parts of their foe's anatomies.

In other words, this kind of attack on the government would only work if the Guy In Charge stands idly by and lets them do it. <cough>

And also, they're cowards. They'd rather sit behind their 8-foot privacy fences and protect their multiple gun-safes full of bright, shiny toys than risk their lives fighting a well-armed opponent in order to protect their First and Second Amendment rights to be hypocrites.

So what good reason does unlimited gun ownership fulfill other than to protect yourself from other people with guns?

Unless you're having to plink little innocent Bambisin order to put more protein in the soup I can't think of one.



end rant

News & Notes for May 10, 2021

President Joe Biden hits 63 per cent approval rating in new AP poll.

Arizona looks like an idiot.

Louis DeJoy is destroying the USPS.

Biden Administration restores anti-discrimination protections for transgendered Americans.

Biden goes all GOP on the unemployed.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP vote suppression.

political truisms comic permitless carry comic