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Editorial cartoon about NRA campaign donations.

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Republican Roulette

Million-dollar checks? Oh, yeah! You betcha!

The top recipients of NRA donations from the 116th Congress, all Republican Senators (No surprise there.):

Mitt Romney $13.647,676
Richard Burr $6,987,380
Roy Blunt $4,555,722
Thom Tillis $4,421,333
Cory Gardner $3,939,199
Marco Rubio $3,303,355
Joni Ernst $3,124,773
Rob Portman $3,063,327
Todd C. Young $2,897,582
Bil Cassidy $2,867,074
David Perdue $2,002,462
Tom Cotton $1,968,714
Pat Roberts $1,581,153
Pat toomey $1,475,448
Josh Hawley $1,391,548
Marsha Blackburn $1,306,130
Mitch McConnell $1,267,139

That's a LOT of dead kids and their parents.


The GOP is the infrastructure equivalent of lead pipes.


I thought we got rid of the bat-shit crazy in Washington when Trump was tossed out on his ear.

Hello, Joe Manchin.

Fucking. Joe. Manchin.


According to expert medical testimony today former police officer Derek Chauvin not only killed George Floyd, he tried HARD to kill George Floyd.

"Eye for an eye" punishments are primitive and largely impractical but, in Derek Chauvin's case, I'm inclined to make an immense exception.


Vladimir Putin is to Alexei Navalny as Derek Chauvin is to George Floyd.


Our President, our Attorney General, the majority of the Congress, and the vast majority of the American people all think we need sensible gun control.

While most of the people who DON'T want sensible gun control are the one's who supported the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.


Anyone else notice this dynamic recently?

Fox News reporter at White House press conference: "Why is Joe Biden beating his wife?"

WH Press Secretary: "That's an idiotic allegation you just made up in order to provide a provocative sound bite for Tucker Carlson. What kind of smooth-brained ninnies believe such nonsense?"

Later that night on Tucker Carlson: "Why is Joe Biden beating his wife?"


end rant

News & Notes for April 9, 2021

Gallup poll shows largest increase in Democratic Party affiliation in a decade.

Virginia becomes first Southern state to legalize marijuana.

Tishaura Jones elected first Black female mayor of St. Louis.

Kentucky signs into law elections bills that expands voting access.

President Biden annouces pkan to tackle America's assault weapons problem.

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GOP elephant: Just do what I do to stay safe from guns. buy suits made of kevlar armor, have your limo bullet-proofed, and build a ten-foot-high electrified fence around your mansion topped by strategically placed sniper towers.
Lefty: Okay, sure, but not everyone gets million-dollar checks from the NRA.
Man, it's like talking to a wall sometimes.
Editorial cartoon about NRA campaign donations.

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