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Editorial cartoon about Georgia losing the MLB all-star game.

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Georgia's Unforced Error

When I heard that Georgia had lost the MLB All-Star game I tried to imagine the conversation between a baseball-loving father and his baseball-loving son, or daughter. Depending on the political persuasion of each household the conversation had to be either heartbreaking or one filled with misplaced rage of Vesuvial proportions.


My suspicion here: Former police office Derek Chauvin was directed, possibly funded, by conservative persons unknown, to publicly murder a black man so as to spark racial conflagrations leading up to the presidential election. Images of large groups of Blacks protesting with righteous fury was the just the thing that Fox News could effectively use to frighten its marginally perceptive viewers, who would then scramble to the polls in a frantic attempt to re-elect the Chosen One, who would then no doubt crush these socialist-marxist mud people with a wave of his tiny-fingered hand.

Am I going to far? Would a political party stoop to so brazen a tactic? One so Putinesque?

Well, consider when that didn't work the GOP went to court and tried to disqualify votes from districts populated largely by minorities.

And when that didn't work they re-wrote the voting laws in Georgia (so far) in an effort to minimize or, in some cases, totally eliminate the minority vote in 2022 and 2024.

Notice how all these things are aimed at the Black bullseye in the middle of the constituency target? That's not a coincidence. So, no, I would not put anything, including a random hit, past those guys.

As for Chauvin, there exists the possibility that he may just have felt like killing a black man that day. Qualified immunity can do that to an entitled, white, racist, asshole of a cop.


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News & Notes for April 5, 2021

Democrats get bonus third budget reconciliation bill.

188 million voters at risk of being gerrymandered into oblivion.

The entire Trump campaign was a scam, and it's not over.

Over half of Republicans (sigh) believe false accounts of Capitol attack.

U.S. Treasury Yellen to push for global minimum corporate-tax rate.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Little boy: Dad, why did Major league baseball move the All-Star game out of Georgia?
Blue Democratic Dad: That's a good question, son. Let me start by explaining about Jim Crow laws.
Red Republican Dad: Because. Democrats. hate. white. people.
Editorial cartoon about Georgia losing the MLB all-star game.

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