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Editorial cartoon about income inequality and the ultra-wealthy.

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Swiping Right Wrong

Some years back I conjectured on an Earth that was a true paradise. Clean environment, happy people, no religion, no guns, no war, heck, we probably wouldn't even have to hold elections. We'd just say "Let Fred be the leader this week. Good old Fred."

Which means there'd be no need for editorial cartoonists, either, which would be fine. We don't need phone books or dial telephone these days though we'll all rethink that after a few well-placed Russkie nukes turn every iPhone to slag after the ensuing EMP scrambles their circuits into baba ganoush.

We're not in a paradise yet, not even close but we have a President now who can see its peaks and its forests reflecting off the Pacific garbage patch. And he's keen on doing his best to get us there.

Meanwhile, the Former Orange Occupant is facing a seemingly unending stream of legal broadsides, his insurrectionist acolytes are being rounded up for civil pummeling, his toadies are being called out for sex trafficking (Ew!), the GOP seems intent on alienating every voter save for the most ardently racist, and Sarah Palin has the covid.

So while not Paradise it's still a little piece of Heaven. I'll take it.


This past weekend I had to make the rounds of the shops, a very rare endeavor for me these days. On more than one occasion I had a street person ask for spare change as I was either entering or exiting my car. My immediate inclination in such situations, like most folks, is a normal wariness and so I waved them off.

On reflection I am not proud of this.

Having had time to reconsider I know that I was way too insensitive to those who honestly looked like they could use a meal. These are tough times and they'll continue to be tough for awhile so I'm planning on carrying a few more bucks on me next time, just in case I'm approached again. And I hope I am.


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News & Notes for April 2, 2021

Matt Gaetz, that stinking piece of shit, caught on camera sifting through IDs with alleged sex trafficker.

Walking turd Matt Gaetz's communications director resigns.

Nancy Pelosi says Matt Gaetz, that fecal bolus, should be removed from the Judiciary Committee.

Cradle-robber Matt Gaetz caught making a game of Capitol Hill sexual conquests.

Matt Gaetz, whose breath smells like Trump's ass, advocated for drug-testing of public assistance recipients but reports indicate he used ecstasy.

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when one man owns the water all others will thirst
Editorial cartoon about income inequality and the ultra-wealthy.

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