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The progressive editorial cartoon about what the NRA considers to be a gun.

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Just A Little Overkill-y

Godammit, police!

Stop shooting people! That's not your fucking job!


Considering recent events it SURRRRRE seems like the police are on the hunt for black men.



I think we all would like to walk up to a police officer and let them know exactly what we think of their casual proclivity of shooting to kill, but they'd probably just shoot us.




If any state would totally restrict all easy access to guns and increased funding for education it would see a huge boom in population growth as parents would flock there for the relative safety their children would have from school shootings.


Dear Texas Republican Congressmen:

Let me be clear.... anything less than mail-in ballots for all who want them plus a massive increase in the number of drop-boxes is vote-suppression.

Thank you. You may now return to your pay-offs and bribes, which are already in progress.


Does Matt Gaetz actually have to be caught with neatly-dated bags of hooker parts in his refrigerator before the GOP decides he's got to go?


It's becoming clear that Matt Gaetz thought Trump would be president forever. Fuck him.


For the record:

Deaths due to COVID-19 vaccine: 0

Deaths by not getting the vaccine: 560,000

Get the vaccine.


end rant

News & Notes for April 13, 2021

New Mexico legalizes recreational marijuana.

Leaked video reveals Texas plan to intimidate minority voters.

Top American CEOs push back against Texas vote-suppression laws.

Will Smith moving production of new film out of Georgia over ekection laws.

President Biden chooses first woman to  be Army secretary.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Which of these weapons from 2051 AD would the NRA still define as a gun?
Drone shotgun: Fires laser-guided nano drones that penetrate the target's rectum and then detonates.
Quantum entanglement pistol: Opens a wormhole that transports the perp to a random space-time coordinate.
Singularity rifle: Launches a microscopic black hole that, upon impact, sucks your foe into a fatal gravity well.
NRA: Well, to be honest, as long as it goes boom and looks like a big ol' wiener it works for us.
The progressive editorial cartoon about what the NRA considers to be a gun.

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