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Party Down

Should any political party be less deserving of the description "right" as the Republican Party? How about, instead, the "Entitled Party" or the "Arrogant Party" or the "Ignorant Arrogant Entitled Racist Jerk Party"?


Anyone else find it odd that Fox News is still putting the slam on vaccines and yet Rupert Murdoch, the owner and operator of said channel is known to have already gotten his. Hell, he probably knocked down some old Black lady and stole her spot in line.


I hope John Oliver's recent take-down of that racist scumbag, Tucker Carlson, encourages people who happen to be in Tucker's general vicinity to turn their heads in his direction if they happen to feel the urge to forcibly eject excess saliva.


400,000 deaths due to covid-19 drove an awful lot of Democrats and Independents to the polls to vote against the Former Occupant last November, but there was one person whose death was most important to the Presidential election of 2020.

Beau Biden.

If Beau Biden had not succumbed to brain cancer in 2015 his father, Joe Biden, would have certainly run for the presidency in 2016 and the Former Occupant would not have. TFO counted on this country's vast reservoir of misogyny to hinder Hillary's candidacy, and it did, but TFO's heavy reliance on racism would have been the worst strategy possible against a candidate like Joe, as the 2020 election revealed.

If Beau had survived Joe Biden would already be in his second term and the country would not be presently clinging desperately to democracy or requiring vast amounts of federal aid to keep its economic heart beating as a result of mishandling the pandemic.

Big Ironic Twist ending: Cancer kept Joe out of the White House in 2016, but it put a cancer IN the White House in 2016.


I knew Rachel Maddow was something special when I started listening to her on Air America Radio 15 years ago. We are blessed as a people to have her on the fervently progressive side of Big D Democracy.

Congrats on the Grammy, Ms. M!


end rant

News & Notes for March 16, 2021

Home Depot and Coca-Cola come out in opposition to voting restrictions in Georgia.

First Native American, Deb Haaland, confirmed as Interior Secretary. Whoo-hoo!

Biden pledges to only raise taxes on those making more than $400,000 dollars.

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Washington, D.C. "a shithole. (Takes one to know one.)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue unveiled in Brooklyn.

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Teacher: As you know, class, there are two main political factions in America; the progressive left and the conservative wrong.
Student: Don't you mean "Conservative Right"?
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In case you're wondering, Donald Trump is not a Conservative. He's a Russian pawn with mob ties who smells like old diapers. (Although, on second thought…)

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