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The progressive web comic about abolishing the electoral college.

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Purple Mountain Majesties

No electoral college means no swing states, which means serious presidential candidate have to appeal to ALL the states, not just a handful.

If the electoral college was such a good idea then why don't we also use it in state elections? Why, for example, don't we appoint a specific number of electors for each county of each state based on population and let them choose their leaders, just like we do in Washington every four years?

Because it'd be bat-shit crazy, that's why.


Let's take this cartoon one step farther.

If there are people who already don't vote for president now because they're in the minority party in their state then these same people, let's call them "Republicans", won't vote at all in a system where the president is chosen by majority vote because they are vastly outnumbered by Democrats.

I could live with that.


During the polar vortex Texas came within mere minutes of a months-long meltdown of its power grid. All of it, including gas. This would have meant no electricity for grocery stores or gas stations or businesses. There would have been no heat, light, food, or gas. It would have been a state-wide catastrophe of Biblical proportions, and all because Texas' GOP government views everything from a profit perspective.

Almost exactly how Trump and the Republican Party mishandled the covid-19 pandemic. One that turned out to be a seven trillion-dollar mistake. Who knows. Maybe they planned it that way. The banks get a lot of money in interest from this country for floating the national debt. And if the debt gets high enough then maybe that puts Medicare and social Security on the block.

But I digress.

In you live in Texas and you are not preparing for the next killer winter storm then you're a fool. Texas's Republican administration doesn't care about the people of Texas, it cares about its rate of return.


end rant

News & Notes for March 11, 2021

President Biden signs American Rescue Plan into law.

All former president's, except the former Guy (of course), appear in ads to urge covid-19 vaccination.

GOP Senator who voted against Covid-19 relief bill already taking credit for it.

The Former Guy's own Defense Secretary fingers him for inciting the attack on the Capitol.

States with Republican governors had the highest covid-19 infection rate and number of deaths.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Red Hat: We never vote for president because I'm a red dot in a blue state.
Blue Hat: And I'm a blue dot in a red state.
Lefty: But if we abolish the electoral college we can determine the president via a simple majority and your vote will count again.
Red: Hey, that's a pretty good idea!
Lefty: I’m sure you realize that Democratic voters far outnumber Republicans,r ight?
Red: FOOM!
You enjoy doing that, don't you?
Lefty: Oh, yeah.

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