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I Rest My Fucking Case

Considering how the Republican Party, in all its avaricious glory, has currently brought the entire world to the brink of Apocalypse I'd like to expand on Billy's witty remark by adding "Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em in the eye-holes with asbestos-encrusted porcupine pelts! Fuck 'em up the bazoo with molten lead claymore mines! Fuck 'em with rusty blunt objects until their tiny hearts explode, then implant new hearts from donor Norway rats in their bloated husks, and then bludgeon them insensate again."

Whoo. I feel better now.


Snapshot of the Senate hearing on the breach of the Capitol:

Senator: "Tell me, former-director-of-security-for-the Capitol, what plans did you make when you were told on January 5th that there'd be a large crowd of hostile Trump voters attacking the Capitol on January 6th?"

FDOSFTC: "Um, well, I likes eggs."


To Republicans, wind turbines are like abortion. They know they're both vital to the health of the community and will never get rid of either, but will happily convince their gullible voters they're actually spawns of Satan because everything's a wedge issue to them.


I've seen recent polls that say 75%-ish of Republicans think the election was stolen from The Former Guy. But the media should do us all a favor and run those polls side-by-side with others that reveal 100% of Democrats know Joe Biden won the election legitimately. In a landslide.


end rant

News & Notes for February 25, 2021

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick tells electric consumers to go screw themselves.

Florida officials on lowering flag to half-staff to honor Rush Limbaugh: "Nah."

In first step to fumigate USPS of Louis DeJoy President Biden nominates three Democrats to U.S. Postal board.

President Biden to give 25 million masks to Americans.

Idiot GOP lawmaker claims Capitol rioters were Democrats in disguise trying to stop election they had already won.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Teacher: Billy, can you tell the class the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats?
Sure. the Democrats support fair wages, income equality, affordable medical care, a healthy environment, uncompromised voting, and the U.S. Constitution.
And the Republicans?
Now Billy. Are you SURE you don't have more to add about the Republicans?
I do indeed. Fuck 'em.

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