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The progressive web comic about what the Confederate flag really represents.

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Dirty Laundry

I'm over here doing my "Trump Taxes Have Been Released By the Supreme Court Happy Dance". It involves a lot of finger waving. Two of them, specifically, aimed towards Florida.


From everything I've read so far about the Texas electric grid failure tells me the most reliable part of the energy generation would have been....

Wind turbines.

IF they are properly winterized.

Natural gas-powered generating stations primarily failed because of lack of production of enough natural gas. And a nuclear facility shut down because it was constructed with its turbines outside the building and the feedwater sensing systems shut it down when they failed due to extreme cold.

U.S. states and foreign countries in routinely colder climes have no problem running wind turbines. Texas needs more of them, not less.


Dear Texas Republicans;

There are many of you who will never see this message because you have no power or no internet but if you're cold, hungry and don't see much help coming then you're suffering at the hands of Republican policies. The GOP has run Texas for 20 years and they're not about serving the public, they're about fleecing the public. They're about bowing to their great god of petroleum above all else.

Your predilection for conservative single-issue voting is hurting you and it's hurting this entire country.

Conservatives, please understand. Democrats aren't coming for your guns, they won't force you to get abortions, and they'll let you keep any religious tradition you find customary. What Democrats do is fix things and make jobs. They always have. (And they will prepare in advance of the next polar vortex if given the chance.)

This year both Texas and the U.S. came THIS close to being failed states due to Republican philosophies. Maybe that's what you want, but I'm hoping when you're burning your furniture to boil contaminated water so your kids can have something safe to drink that you have your doubts.

Join us in the Blue universe. What more do you have to lose?


end rant

News & Notes for February 23, 2021

President Biden leads memorial for 500,000 victims of Donald Trump.

New Jersey legalizes recreational marijuana.

Republican lawmakers fled Texas en masse ahead of the polar vortex.

Merrick Garland promises to make investigation of Capitol attack a high priority.

AOC raises $5 million for Texas winter relief.

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What the confederate flag really represents

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