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The progressive web comic about Texas' corrupt and inefficient electrical grid.

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Cold Day In Hell

Today Rush Limbaugh died and the Trump Plaza and Casino was demolished. Both were cancers on this society.


We here in North Texas are a week into the attack of the polar vortex and, so far, the damage here at Casa Zurdo is one frozen cold water tap (thawed) one frozen hot water line (thawed) and one busted washing machine hose.

I stocked up on vittles a full week before the thing hit so I've been snug and warm in my little studio, and the internet has been fast and efficient, and I've just cursed myself by even talking about this so I should be losing power and water and probably several patches of tongue-skin soon from licking flagpoles for sustenance.

Lame attempt at levity aside, I am, without doubt, FAR fortunate beyond anything I deserve to have skated through this cold event unscathed. But this I know... there is another polar vortex in this country's future and it could be much worse than this one. All Texans who do not begin preparing now are whistling past the graveyard.


It's a pretty big "Fuck you!" to Trump to have Dr. Fauci win a million-dollar award for defending science during the pandemic.


I heard that about one-third of U.S. troops who have been offered a Covid vaccine have declined the inoculation. Might as well buy them tickets to Washington now for the next insurrection.


Because no one asked I'm going to tell you how to have the best football team in the N-Fucking-L.

As an owner I'd spend all the big money on the offensive and defensive lines. Not the quarterback, not the receivers, and definitely not the running back.

With a honkin' massive and talented offensive line even a mediocre quarterback could stand around all day and wait for mediocre receivers to get open. They'd open big holes for the running back, too.

A death-dealing front four, five or seven on the defense would bottle up runners and also harry the quarterback into making mistakes. Like rushed throws that become interceptions, or fumbles. So what if the corners and safeties consist of Larry, Moe and Curly. If the opposing quarterback has no time to set up and throw a long one they could be back there building box-girder bridges or learning to play the bassoon.

Yeah, I'm a fucking genius. Somebody give me lots of money.


end rant

News & Notes for February 17, 2021

Fossil fuel industry spreading myths about frozen wind turbines in Texas.

Republicans are working to rig all future elections.

Fox News allows Trump, in first interview since the attack on the Capitol, to lie that he won the election.

President Biden reaches level of approval that Trump never had.

Biden sends electric generators to Texas.

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