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The progressive web comic about the GOP encouraging political violence.

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Mitch McConnell is what you get when a politician tries to balance the social insanity of his voters against the corporate insanity of his donors.


"How to Get Away With Murder", by D. J. Trump.

First, get yourself 43 Republican Senators, then.....


Lawyer: "Mr. Johnson, as a potential juror do you recognize the defendant?"

Johnson: "Yes, I do. He's my boss and even though he tried to kill me I'll acquit him because I'll lose my well-paid, cushy job if I find him guilty."

Lawyer: "Well, since the courts are now running on Republican policies, you're in. Welcome aboard. Feel free to contact the defense's lawyers if you need any further coaching. Enjoy your complimentary hookers and all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet."


Let's keep saying it:

Donald Trump schemed to overthrow the legitimate government and the majority of the Republican Party is fine with that.

And they're fine with it because they all want THEIR turn at despotism someday.

2022 is coming. Let's all be there to stop them.


Why will Senate Republicans refuse to convict t-Rump in the face of overwhelming evidence against him?

Because they see the future, and it's theirs.

The GOP understands that there will always be enough Republicans in the Senate, just 34, to deny the votes necessary to convict and remove a future Republican President no matter how many times the House may impeach him. He'll just say "So what?" and go back to, oh, I don't know, using illegal immigrants for skeet-shooting practice. Or something worse.

Get it?

The impeachment process is broken and the Republican Party knows it. Let the House turn as Blue as it wants. It won't matter. The Senate is the gatekeeper of this Democracy and the GOP proves every day that it has no morals or ethics or scruples at all, especially when it comes to policing their own.

The next Republican President won't wait until the last few months of his term to suppress Democratic votes, it'll be his job from Day One. As long as this country can keep Democrats in power we're good, but woe be unto us all if, and when, we fail.


Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray my electric power to keep.
If there's an outage before I wake,
I'll be frozen stiffer than a Sara Lee cake.


end rant

News & Notes for February 15, 2021

President Biden cancels funds for Trump's border wall.

Nancy Pelosi announces 9/11-style commission to investigate attack on Capitol.

Almost 60% of Americans say Trump should have been convicted"

President Biden opens new ACA enrollment period until May.

America's problem is mass radicalization.

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