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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican party unity.

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J'ever Notice...?

It took Trump and an obedient, lapdog Congress a full year to enact his tax-cut for the rich.

A year into President Joe Biden's administration and we have meaningful infrastructure legislation.

The Democrats are performing miracles with the GOP saying "No" at every turn.

Thank you, Brandon!


Four years ago comedian Kathy Griffin held up a bloodied Trump Halloween mask and, as a result, almost got run out of showbiz due to Conservative outrage.

Yesterday Republican Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted an altered anime clip showing him beheading Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Biden, and it's resulted in naught but crickets from the GOP.

What Griffin did was political satire. It's her job.

What Gosar did was a death threat. It's the very opposite of his job.

Gosar must be expelled from Congress. And then he needs to be arrested.


It seems like every LED flashlight I buy these days has three modes:

Blinding light
Almost bright enough light

Who needs the flashy mode? How often does one need to flag down a search party? Gimme a couple more brightness options instead.


I am, as you may or may not know, a vegetarian but, as a native Texan, I was raised up on the occasional bar-b-que (but mainly mucho frijoles.). BBQ is the one thing I miss most from my meat-eating days but I will allow myself a moment, in this case my birthday, to fall off the broccoli-wagon and indulge. So the best part of my birthday this past weekend was being treated, by a very nice lady, to a massive wad of sliced brisket on a giant sauce-sodden bun that almost melted in my mouth. (And let's not forget the fried okra. Oh, god, the okra!)

I am now good for another year. Thank you, kind cow, whoever you were, for making my slow but inexorable passage towards infinity a memorable day.

(Addendum: Today my farts smell like hot, screaming death. Never had a lentil do that.)


end rant

News & Notes for November 9th, 2021

Anti-vax Republican misses his anti-vax rally because he has, um, Covid-19.

Trump counties had three times the Covid deaths of Biden counties.

Judge rejects Trump's midnight attempt to block release of January 6 documents.

Trump threatened to leave the GOP until they they reminded him that they funded his lawsuits.

Ann Coulter calls Trump "Abjectly stupid."

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GOP elephant: A real Republican will NEVAH vote yes on Democratic legislation, especially when it comes to infrastructure!
Lefty Unless the congressman is in a vulnerable district that they haven't been able to gerrymander in his favor.
We're evil. Not stupid.

TThe progressive editorial cartoon about Republican party unity.

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