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The progressive editorial cartoon about the difference bewteen liberal and conservative humor.

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I Meant To Say "Rich Muthafukkahs!"

I'll keep this short.

We had a president in the 1980s with senile dementia and alzheimers who confused his old movies with his actual life and who claimed trees caused pollution. He won his first election by conspiring with a country that had kidnapped and held hostage Americans who worked at the Iranian embassy.

His vice president was once the Director of the CIA, which had nothing to do with his becoming the next president in 1988. Absolutely nothing, even though it was the first time an incumbent vice president had become president since 1836. He ignored Saddam Hussein's threat to invade Kuwait and so began the Oil Wars. He was so popular he lost reelection to a sexy saxophone player.

Years later one of his sons was awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court due to the confusion of the vote count in a state governed by one of his other sons. Read that again. This new president ignored security warnings about attacks on America and later invaded the wrong country looking for weapons they didn't have.

We just had a president who has had close financial ties to America's enemies for decades and who last January tried to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States. And every Republican member of the House and Senate is perfectly okay with this.

So if you think I'm crazy to suggest that there's something REALLY suspicious about 500,000 extra votes in Virginia for the Republican candidate for Governor let me just say that I have my reasons.


While I'm yelling at clouds...

They say the difference in the election was swung by white women.


So all the white women that voted for Biden abruptly voted Republican because McAuliffe didn't use the phrase "Critical Race Theory" often enough? Let me just say that, in computer terms, that's an easy check-box to flip.


Also too, I'd like to point out that McAuliffe received 160,000 more votes than his Democratic predecessor did in 2017. Impressive, but the 2% difference in the 2021 vote totals is 1% JUST outside the limit needed to request an audit in that state. Very, um, convenient. Yes?


Tomorrow, Saturday, is my birthday. It means I'm another step closer to diving headfirst into the worm-food pool but I'm taking every opportunity 'tween now and then to enjoy the view. And I hope the view includes boobs and cake, not necessarily in that order.


end rant

News & Notes for November 5th, 2021

Joe F*cking Manchin drives a Maserati. Of course he does.

A breakdown of how Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election.

The Biden administration is suing Texas over its new voting law.

U.S. added 531,000 jobs in October.

Newly released tapes show white supremacist members of "The Base" planning terror attacks.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the difference bewteen liberal and conservative humor.

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