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The progressive editorial cartoon about human diversity.

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Banana For Scale

Dogs will do just about anything their owners ask of them.

"Here! Let's go do a thing!"
"Oh, boy! Let's go! I can hardly wait!"
"Here! Eat this food I was about to throw away."
"Yeah! You bet! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Nom-nom-nom."
"Here! Go kill that guy!"
"You bet! Here I go! Grrr!"

Cats are different.

"Here! Let's go do a thing."
"Here! Eat this food I was about to throw away."
"You're kidding, right?"
"Here! Go kill that guy?"
"What's in it for me?"

I prefer an animal, and an electorate, that asks questions, not obeys mindlessly. Else you end up doing things like, oh, I dunno, waiting for dead people to spring back to life and announce that Donald Trump is president.


Far be it from me to cast suspicion on election results, but...

Virginia Gubernatorial results:

2017: 2.6 million votes total.
D: 1.4 million R: 1.17 million

2021: 3.2 million votes total.
D: 1.5 million R: 1.66 million

Where did the 500,000 Republican votes come from? And, whaddaya know, just enough to beat the Democrat.

This stinks.

For the record: Population of Virginia
2017: 8.46 million
2021: 8.62 million

160,000 more citizens in four years but 500,000 more Republican voters. Yeah, that makes sense.


end rant

News & Notes for November 3rd, 2021

NRA accused of funneling $35 million to gun rights candidates, including The Orange Diapered One.

Boston elects its first Asian-American mayor, Michelle Wu.

Georgia Secretary of State: "Trump had no idea how elections work."

The FEC ruled that foreigners can fund US ballot measures because they're not technically elections. (????!!!!)

President Joe Biden, to world leaders: "I'm sorry we elected a climate-change denier."

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

All dogs can understand each other. Too bad humans can't.
Chihuahua: Some dogs are small and fierce. banana for scale.
Greyhound: Some dogs are sleek and fast.
Chow: Some dogs are large and fluffy.
Well, I guess some humans are, uh, different shades of brown?
Boring bland you suck

The progressive editorial cartoon about human diversity.

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