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The progressive editorial cartoon about the oil industry.

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Eschew the Accrued Crude

Well, I'm back.

Thanks for hanging in there, fellow pencil-necks. I'm not 100% yet (the "check nervous system" light will blink occasionally) but I think I'll live long enough to be shot be a jealous husband.

For the record, I'll be getting my booster shot of Mother Fauci's Effervescent Elixir later this week.


Now it's time for some serious business.

First, please go to teamseas.org and donate whatever you can to help clean up the oceans. All the groovy kids are doing it. Each buck you donate means one pound of sea burdening trash removed.

Second, the holidays are upon us, like it or not, and many Americans are still suffering the adverse economic effects of the pandemic. So please look up the number or web site of your local food bank and write them a check or Venmo/Paypal/Applepay them a couple of simoleons.

Both of these suggestions would make a fine gift when given in the name of a friend, relative, or progressive cartoonist. It's also one way to beat the Supply Chain Blues.


end rant

News & Notes for November 1st, 2021

WH Press Secretary Psaki test positive for COVID!

Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls out "cancer in the Republican Party".

Even Fox News think the GOP should repeal the Trump Tax Cuts.

Bidenomics is working.

Buttigieg: "We need a no-fly list for unruly or violent airline passengers."

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

What will the last oil executive say when the last oil derrick on the last bit of dry land spurts out the last dribble of crude oil?
I win!

The progressive editorial cartoon about the oil industry.

critical species theory comic dry humping comic