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The progressive editorial cartoon about toxoplasmosis and Trump.

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Should anyone be shocked to discover that the GOP thought Gosar's video about killing AOC was just harmless fun when they've also publicly opined that the insurrectionists attempting to snuff Mike Pence was just something tourists normally do?

Gosar tweeting that violent anime featuring AOC is the same tactic the Right is currently using against school boards and poll-workers... they're trying to get them all to quit their jobs by employing hate and violence.

Gosar was censured by the Democrats, and basically by the Democrats alone, for committing a truly deplorable act of malice. This means that if the GOP ever regains the House they'll use this as an excuse to oust any Democrat who even says "Boo".

And they'll start with Pelosi.


When it comes to consumer price increases there's a very thin line between "inflation" and "price gouging".


Trump is not stupid. He speaks at a 4th grade level on purpose and for a reason, which is that by using simplistic terms he limits rational arguments.

In other words, it's like arguing with a kid that's incapable of complicated, abstract ideas so you give up in frustration.


Americans are soon going to wake up one morning to learn that from here on they'll never have to pay thousands of dollars a month for their insulin. Instead, they'll pay no more than $35 a month.

Thank you, President Joe Biden and the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party.


Why is today's comic not about gun control or gerrymandering or book burning or racial discrimination or anti-abortion laws? Well.... it is.

That vile orange loon crapping out hats and his loonatics wearing them are the dividing line between a sensible,  functioning society and this long slide into the totalitarian septic tank the Republican Party is lubing up for our pleasure. So I'm just starting at the bottom and working my way up. (Yeah, I know. With Republicans there IS no bottom. So I do what I can.)


end rant

News & Notes for November 19th, 2021

Wisconsin Governor vetoes gerrymandered voting maps.

There was plenty of voter fraud.... by Republicans.

Judge rejects Steve Bannon bid to slow-walk contempt case.

Biden acts to restore clean-water safeguards.

Republican Paul Gosar censured for posting violent anime.

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Trump in a golden litter box pooping out red hats.
Toxoplasmosis: A disease transmitted via contact with parasites contained in the host's feces, resulting in severe mental impairment.

The progressive editorial cartoon about toxoplasmosis and Trump.

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