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The progressive editorial cartoon about rewriting the pledge of allegiance.

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Motherland Uber Allegiance

First, why do we need a pledge of allegiance to a flag?

Second, do you know about the Bellamy Salute? It was the official method of addressing the flag right up until 1942... until the Flag Code was changed because the salute made use of the same right arm as the Nazis used when der Fuhrer jigged by.


Third, in 1954 Congress added "under God" to the stupid thing. For... reasons, even though the Treaty of Tripoli specifically said ix-nay to the eesus-Jay aytion-nay stuff.

We don't need a pledge. We don't need national anthems. They're propaganda tools which instill the notion on simpler minds that America is superior to any other country on Earth even though they have free public health, child care, three week vacations and maternity leave and we have high corporate profit-margins.

So what would make me write such a cartoon as this aside from the fact that the Russiapublican Party is already trying to rewrite history by whiting-out, pun intended, them good old slavery and segregation days which made life in the Colonies the perfect place to enjoy a mint julep and the occasional rape of a piece of property? Golly, who knows.


Trump hampered the CDC's handling of the early stages of the pandemic simply because he was a big whiny baby who only wanted good news.

How many Americans died as a result?

Life would so much grander now if the giant orange sarcoma had succumbed to the virus last year.


I got my booster shot today. No effects yet. If the side-effects include being a big, whiny baby I'll let you know.


end rant

News & Notes for November 15th, 2021

Alex Jones found liable in Sandy Hook defamation suit.

Steve Bannon surrenders himself to authorities on two counts of contempt of Congress.

Beto O'Rourke running for Texas governor.

500 hospitalized in Egypt from scorpion stings.

Covid-19 surging in Europe.

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Classic Raging Crappola
pledge to the earth
A better pledge.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

A proposal to update the Pledge of Allegiance;
I pledge allegiance to the Nazi and Confederate flags of the Unitary Dictatorship of Trump, and to the Republican Party, which proudly stands to make a killing on the whole deal, a racially segregated nation, under the vaguely interpreted dictates of the Christian god of Prosperity Jesus, capriciously divisible, with liberty and justice and carryforward tax laws for all affluent caucasians.
GOP elephant : Whattaya think?
Too vague. We still need something about hunting immigrants for sport in there.

The progressive editorial cartoon about rewriting the pledge of allegiance.

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