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The progressive editorial cartoon about Build Back Better.

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Firing Shots

When I heard about the SUV driver who killed and hospitalized all those people in Wisconsin yesterday my first thought was "Well, he'll just plead 'no contest'. Those people up there LOVVVE that shit. Fuck 'em."

Yeah, I know, he hurt little kids, too, but guess what, muthafukkahs... kids die every day from gun-related incidents and I'm not hearing a goddamn thing about gun control today or any other day from our racist Republican pals.

Would gun control have stopped this idiot driver today? The man has previous charges against him for gun crimes. That chunk of metal in a moron's hand makes them think they're invulnerable so you do the math.

All this incident has done is to give the Right a chance to ratchet up the hatred towards Blacks and I can guarantee you they will.


Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderous psychotic. Anyone who goes on TV after a trial in which they killed innocent people and smile like they've won the fucking lottery is a murderous psychotic.


end rant

News & Notes for November 22nd, 2021

U.S. added to list of 'backsliding Democracies'.

Mother Jones: "Republicans are rigging elections for the next decade".

"It's time to cut the Pentagon's budget".

Ted Cruz continues to lie about voter fraud.

2021 COVID-19 deaths are double that of 2020.

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fox news sucks
Kiss mah butt, Fox News!


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Fact News reporter: We asked Republicans what they thought about the President's plans for cheaper child care, lower medicine costs, expanded health care, affordable housing, and saving our environment.
Graves saying stop the shot, no masks, covid is a hoax, my body my choice, it's a scam demic, I'd rather die than comply
So far there has been no response.
Facts News: Unironically fair and balanced.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Build Back Better.

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