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The progressive editorial cartoon about Conservative restrictions.

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States of Confusion

I really REALLY wanted to draw a comic this morning but I decided to stick with my schedule and just share the idea with you in text form. (It would have been a four-panel 'toon):

What Trump said: "Fix the voting system or Republicans will not vote."

What Democrats thought: "Yay! Trump's telling Republicans not to vote!"

What Trump actually meant: "The GOP must continue to suppress Democratic votes so I can win in 2024."

How the GOP responded: "We're suppressing as fast as we can, oh Chosen One!"


The 1/6 Committee will vote Tuesday to hold Steve Bannon in contempt.

Really Fun Fact: Bannon cannot take the 5th because he was pardoned by Trump.


I don't mean to alarm you good folks but the crux of my health biscuit this past month were periods of discomforting thoracic distress. It was so bad that I sometimes imagined myself keeled over at the computer, my hand grasping the mouse in a literal death grip, it's pointer hovering over the "Delete Browser History" button, awaiting a mouse-click that would never come.

Well, I finally got the doctor's report from my physical and his recommendation is as follows:

"Take more vitamin D3."

Yeah, that was pretty much it.

So I've been taking prescribed mega-doses of D3 for the past couple of days and, well, I feel much better. I think. You see, there's only one of me in this medical experiment so the placebo effect is hard to assess accurately.

On the bright side, this was my first thorough physical in years and the doctor found me to be in remarkably good shape for someone as old and cranky as I am. Yes, my blood pressure is a little high but Doc seems convinced that simply augmenting my vegetarian diet with this particular vitamin will do the trick. Time will tell.


Have a great weekend, everybody. See you Monday with fresh old comics.


Today's comic originally appeared June 26, 2013.


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News & Notes for October 15th, 2021

Study finds that the Trump tax cuts failed to do anything but give rich people more money.

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States of Confusion
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