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The progressive web comic about how the Republican Party has purely embraced fascism.

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The Sudeten Is Waitin'

Remember that scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" where the banks are closing and all the investor's of the Bailey Building & Loan came rushing in for their money? Well, there was that one lovely lady who asked for just $27.50. She only took what she needed. (Granted, $27.50 in 1939 was worth about $500 today, but never mind that.)

What I'm getting at here is that there are people in this country that desperately NEED that $2000-a-month covid-19 relief check, but there are clearly people who don't. America in a sense, IS the Bailey building & Loan.
I don't know if the Dem's are thinking about this but their pandemic relief plan needs to include a method for that second group of people to personally opt out of the assistance if for no other reason than real, pure, true patriotism. A simple phone number or web site could do the trick.

Yes, I know, it's un-American to not want free money but we can stretch out the amount of help without causing more damage to the national debt if we can allocate the money to those who need it most.

Me, personally? Could I use the $1400-2000? Yes. Could I do without it? Also yes.

I'm know I'm just blowing hot gas into a small Facebook breeze but this is a war we're in and we all need to pitch in if we're going to win it. (Though it doesn't help that the agents of fascism are sitting in the seats of Congress saying "Screw this country." That's another war to fight entirely. But the Allies are in the White House, Senate and House, so take heart.)


There's a new book out claiming that t-Rump has been groomed by Russia for the past 40 years, because he's "vain and greedy". Totally conceivable. But is Russia grooming others?

I'll put it this way...

On July 4th, 2018 the following seven Republican Senators all went to Russia. They were seeking "engagement", that's all we know.

Richard C. Shelby, Alabama
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin
John Neely Kennedy, Louisiana
Steve Daines, Montana
John Hoeven, North Dakota
Jerry Moran, Kansas
John Thune, South Dakota

Johnson and Kennedy are on record opposing the Presidential vote results. They're also up for election in 2022.


I've never thought that short-selling stocks was a particularly commendable idea as it opens all manner of nefarious economic rabbit-holes.

Simply put: If you can place a wager that a company will fail then some greedy, evil entity will see to it that it does, to their own benefit. That's anti-capitalism in a way.

So kudos to the WSB boys on Reddit for beating the hedge-fund managers at their own game. My only concern is that this could be more than just a gaggle of Gamestop fan-boys using a loophole to make a few bucks and tweak a few noses. There could be foreign players in this woodpile, making mischief and setting fires at the heart of America's financial center.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a tip on an undervalued stock that's being over-shorted, let me know.


Can anyone name a current office-holding, Republican Party figure who could inspire 72 million racists to vote for him in 2024?

I can't. I really can't.


It's astonishing that the heads of the Republican Party are still clinging to the political corpse of a candidate who not only lost the popular vote in both elections but is now revealed as a liar and a fraud to his voter base.

The GOP's desperation to remain in power by continuing to court Trump's racist and violent adherents is pathetic and dangerous.


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News & Notes for January 30, 2021

The White House website is recognizing climate change again.

Publix supermarket heiress donated $300,000 to 'Stop the Steal rally on January 6th.

Democrats call for removal of Marjorie Taylor Greene because she's fucking NUTS!

CDC madates new mask and travel rules.

Biden and Putin agree to new START treaty extension.

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